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About AMAZON & Amazon Gift Cards

E-commerce has been in existence for more than two decades now. Many companies have been in the business of selling different products and services online, but the most popular of them all is Amazon.

An Amazon gift card is pre-loaded with a set amount of money that can be used to purchase any item on the Amazon store. Buyers can redeem their Amazon gift card and buy anything on Amazon and other Amazon-branded stores.

The Amazon gift card has three types: Amazon e-gift cards, print-at-home Amazon gift cards, and Amazon physical gift cards. They also have different receipts: Amazon cash receipts, Amazon debit receipts, Amazon activation receipts, and no receipts, depending on the payment method and store of purchase.

Amazon gift cards can also be used as gifts. Since many people often choose to buy gift cards for their loved ones instead of getting the actual gift. This will enable them to purchase the gift of their choice when they redeem the gift card on Amazon.

Prestmit offers the best rates and prices for your AMAZON gift cards.

Earn Gift Points On Every Transaction

Because we care, we give you rewards on every completed transaction. You can always redeem these rewards for cash at anytime.

How To Convert AMAZON Card To Bitcoin or Cash

You don’t have to spend all the money on your Amazon gift card. You can convert your Amazon gift card to cash, which you can use for other things. You can also sell your Amazon gift card for Bitcoin or USDT.


Create Account

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Select Amazon

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Select Payment Method

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Get paid

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How To Buy AMAZON Gift Cards Online

Apart from being easy to use, buying an Amazon gift card at a good price is what we brag about. Prestmit gives you the best prices online.


Create Account

Register a Prestmit account in less than a minute.



Select BUY GIFT CARD on the home screen.


Choose Payment Method

Select the AMAZON gift card and your preferred payment method.


Get Code

Wait for confirmation and get your gift code.

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How You Can Sell Amazon Gift Cards On Prestmit

Check the quick video below for a quick guide on how easy it is to carry out an Amazon gift card sale transaction in Nigeria using Prestmit.


Frequently Asked Questions

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