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The Most Powerful Gift Cards API

Our API allows you to unlock the power of gift cards. With it, you can effortlessly buy and sell gift cards using API, tapping into our extensive network of trusted partners and seamless transactions.

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Gift Card API Made Easy

Integrating the Prestmit developers API comes with many advantages, including, but not limited to, the following.

effortless integration

Our API is designed for easy integration, allowing you to quickly connect your platform and start buying and selling gift cards via API.

Wide Gift Card Options

Gain access to an extensive inventory of popular gift cards from leading brands. Up to 10,000 brands in our catalogue.

Fast & Stable

We know the importance of speed and stability. We boast a 99% server uptime and an average response time of only 50ms.

Grow Your Business

With Prestmit’s API, you can tap into the thriving gift card market, offering your customers a seamless and convenient experience.

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Buy & Send Gift Cards With API

With Prestmit's API integration, you gain access to over 10,000 gift cards, allowing you to offer a vast selection to your customers. Seamlessly integrate our API into your platform and empower your users to buy and send gift cards to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Our fast and efficient integration process ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, enabling you to quickly expand your offerings and provide a seamless gift card solution.

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Sell Gift Cards With Developer API

Integrate Prestmit's API into your platform and enjoy the potential to allow your customers to sell gift cards.

Simply submit orders via our API, and we'll handle the processing, returning a swift response. As a business, you earn a commission on each transaction and have the flexibility to markup the prices you offer your customers, maximising your profits.

In short, you can always experience a seamless gift card selling process and boost your revenue with Prestmit's gift card API.

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