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What Does a Vanilla Gift Card Mean?

Gift-giving is a sweet way to show love. There is something about getting gifts that double our happiness and makes the giver feel fulfilled. They create a stronger bond between the giver and the receiver, which can sometimes be loved ones or employees.

One thing that could make gift-giving less glamorous is if the receiver gets a gift they have no use for.

This could be not very comfortable on both sides (memories). This is why gift cards were invented, allowing gifters to grant the receivers the opportunity to get exactly what they want.

Vanilla gift cards are prepaid cards used to redeem gift items wherever Visa or Mastercard debit cards are accepted. Debit cards are accepted in almost every store or business in America. This means that Vanilla gift cards are also valid in those stores.

Since they can be used in almost every store, it makes a great gift option to put a smile on people’s faces. This gives the holder access to different stores both on and offline. The value of Vanilla Visa cards ranges from $10–$500.

As stated before, Vanilla gift cards can be used almost anywhere. But what happens when you have some balance on the card that you don’t want to use again? You can trade it for cash or Cryptocurrency on a platform like Prestmit. This will be a better option than dropping it on a table in your room to accumulate dust and be forgotten forever.

Prestmit offers the best rates if you wish to exchange your Vanilla gift cards for cash. And also the cheapest prices if you need to buy Vanilla gift cards.

Earn Gift Points On Every Transaction

Because we care, we give you rewards on every completed transaction. You can always redeem these rewards for cash at anytime.

Convert Vanilla Gift Card To Bitcoin or Cash

Do you have a Vanilla gift card that you have no reason to use any more? Whatever the reason, you can make it worthwhile by selling it in exchange for cash or crypto on Prestmit.


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Select Vanilla

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Get paid

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How To Buy Vanilla Gift Cards Online

Do you need Vanilla gift cards? Or do you want to give someone as a gift? Buying a Vanilla gift card at a good price is what we brag about here at Prestmit. Follow the steps below.


Create Account

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Select BUY GIFT CARD on the home screen.


Choose Payment Method

Select the VANILLA gift card and your preferred payment method.


Get Code

Wait for confirmation and get your gift code.

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How You Can Sell VANILLA Card On Prestmit

Check the video below for a quick guide on how easy it is to sell Vanilla gift cards in Nigeria using Prestmit.


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