Best App To Pay Electricity Bills In Nigeria

Avoid the stress of electricity bill payments when you buy electricity online conveniently with Prestmit.

Why You Might Want To Pay Electricity Bills Online

The availability of electricity supply gives a positive vibe on its own. Electricity enables you to engage in different activities that keep you from boredom or even sleep in the dark. Therefore, paying your electricity bills as and when due gives you access to the power supply.

You don't want to see power supply in your neighbours' houses while your home is cut off because of lack of payment. Sometimes, you may have to live through the weekend in the dark if your prepaid units are exhausted or the officials disconnect you.

However, you can salvage the situation of power disconnection by using Prestmit as your trusted buddy to pay electricity bills anytime and any day. Nigerians can use Prestmit to pay to all electricity distribution companies (Discos) in Nigeria, irrespective of their status as postpaid or prepaid users.

Electricity distribution companies available on Prestmit include Abuja, Eko, Enugu, Jos, Ibadan, Ikeja, Kaduna, Kano, and Port Harcourt.

How To Buy Electricity Online On Prestmit

You can pay your electricity bills within a few minutes on Prestmit. You need to follow these easy steps.


Create Account

Register a Prestmit account in less than a minute.


Provide Meter Details

Choose your preferred meter type and your Disco Provider.


Make Payment

Enter the amount of electricity you want to buy or pay for.


Let There Be Light

A token will be sent to your email immediately.


How To Pay for Electricity/Light Token On Prestmit

Check this quick video to guide you on conveniently paying your electricity bills on Prestmit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our responsive customer support team is readily available to answer any of your questions accurately. But here are some of the top questions that can be helpful to you.

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Which Distribution Company Can I Buy From?


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