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About NIKE & NIKE Gift Cards

Nike is an American company. It is the world’s largest sports apparel, shoes, and equipment producer. Nike gift cards are prepaid debit cards issued at different retail stores.

They are preloaded with a specific amount of money available for use for various purchases. Nike gift cards do not expire, have no fees, and are of two types: physical and E-gift cards.

You can walk into any Nike store to buy the Nike gift card or simply visit the with your debit or credit card and purchase the Nike gift card in the denomination you can afford. You can also buy Nike gift cards on online platforms like Prestmit.

If you're unsure, Nike gift card allows you to check your Nike gift card balance online. But if you want to check directly via Nike customer support, you can call 1-800-806-6453 and ask the customer support agent to check your gift card balance after providing the required information.

Prestmit offers the best rates if you wish to sell Nike gift cards in Nigeria, Ghana, or for crypto worldwide. And we also provide the cheapest prices if you need Nike gift cards.

Earn Gift Points On Every Transaction

Because we care, we give you rewards on every completed transaction. You can always redeem these rewards for cash at anytime.

Convert Nike Gift Card To Bitcoin or Cash

Do you have a Nike gift card that you do not need anymore? Whatever the reason, you can make it worthwhile by exchanging it for cash or crypto on Prestmit.


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How To Buy Nike Gift Cards Online

Do you need a Nike gift card at a good discounted price? Prestmit gives you the best prices you can get online. Here’s the process:


Create Account

Register a Prestmit account in less than a minute.



Select BUY GIFT CARD on the home screen.


Choose Payment Method

Select the NIKE gift card and your preferred payment method.


Get Code

Wait for confirmation and get your gift code.

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How You Can Sell NIKE Card On Prestmit

Check the video below for a quick guide on how easy it is to trade Nike gift cards in Nigeria using Prestmit.


Frequently Asked Questions

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