Prestmit Promo Codes

Prestmit Promo Codes are similar to discount codes or coupon codes. You get an addition to your transaction amount when you apply a promo code on the transaction page.

About Promo Codes

From time to time, Prestmit issues out promo codes for different purposes, maybe acts of random kindness, celebrating a milestone, rewarding customers, promotions, etc.

Promo codes are frequently announced on Prestmit social media pages and sent via emails. You can also always find the latest promo code on this page.

Generally, as a Prestmit user, you are entitled to use promo codes as long as you meet the promo code requirements. And the extra value you will get on your trade amount depends on the promo code's value.

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Learn More About Promo Codes

Still not sure how our promo codes work? Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough.


How To Use Prestmit Promo Code

This is a simple guide on Using Prestmit Promo Codes and getting some extra cash for yourself.


Locate The Promo Code Field

On the trade page, locate the field titled "Promo Code". It's a small text field where you are meant to input or paste the promo code.


Apply The Promo Code

A small button beside the field says "APPLY CODE". Once you click this button, the system will check if the code is valid and if your transaction details meet the requirements of the promo code.


Get Rewarded

The amount on the promo code will be added to your transaction amount, E.G. If your transaction is NGN 30,000 and the promo code amount is NGN 2,000, you'll receive NGN 32,000 in total.


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