Bitcoin is what comes to mind whenever cryptocurrency is being mentioned. The Satoshi Nakamoto introduced coin is the most popular and largest cryptocurrency today.

Bitcoin is the first digital currency to be launched. Its template has been used to create several other coins alike (altcoins). Some of these coins/tokens created after BTC have been created to improve on its shortcomings yet they are still behind it.

As of December 2021, BTC still remains the number one ranked cryptocurrency by MarketCap. What then makes BTC different and better than other cryptos?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

What Makes Bitcoin Different From Other Cryptos?

Asides being the first created digital currency, Bitcoin has some advantages over other coins created after it. They are listed below;

1. Bitcoin has a proven security

Bitcoin has a large lead as a store value over other digital assets. With over a decade of existence, BTC still thrives in the crypto market. The security of BTC has been proven far more than altcoins.

2, Bitcoin is more accessible

Bitcoin is more accessible with more crypto exchanges, merchants, software and hardware that supports it. It has the largest developer ecosystem with more software and more implementations than any altcoins.

3. Bitcoin is more valuable

The fat that the supply of Bitcoin is limited (21 million) makes it more valuable than several other cryptos whose supply is limitless.

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