If this is your first time hearing NFTs, gather here. A lot of people have never heard of NFTs and that’s pretty normal. I mean, that’s what we are here for, isn’t it?NFT means “Nonfungible token” and what it simply does is that it allows buyers to purchase ownership of a digital good living on a blockchain. Digital goods come in the form of anything. It could be an image, a video, animation, anything in the form of a unique digital token living on a blockchain. Let’s look at it from this angle. If you own a digital asset such as a photo, or a video, these assets that you own can be ‘tokenized’ or turned into an NFT. These tokenized items can then be bought or sold or traded using cryptocurrency. Anything can be an NFT. If it is digital, then it can be tokenized. And what’s not digital in this age? Nothing!To buy or sell NFT in Nigeria, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. This is where you store your digital monies. A cryptocurrency wallet allows you to spend, receive and trade cryptocurrencies.Continue Reading About NFT.To learn more about the NFT world, read the articles below.


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