Dogecoin is now being used as a form of payment for transactions by top companies in the world like Tesla.

The token which started as a parody is listed among the top cryptocurrencies in the world today.

Tesla, which is owned by multi-billionaire and crypto influencer, Elon Musk, now receive payment in DOGE for some of its products.

In this post, we’ll learn how to use this meme coin to buy products on the Tesla Shop.



What can I buy from Tesla with Dogecoin?

The Tesla company allows you to buy products such as merch with the dog-themed coin, Dogecoin.

You’ll need to look out for the Dogecoin symbol (DOGE) next to the order button to check what you can buy with the token.

How do I buy from Tesla with Dogecoin?

If you’re buying any of Tesla’s Dogecoin-eligible products, you’ll need to take the steps below;

1. You’ll need a Dogecoin wallet. This will be used to make your purchase using DOGE on the Tesla shop.

2. When checking out DOGE, the payment will display the Tesla Dogecoin wallet address in both an alphanumeric code and a QR code form. This will allow you to connect to your Dogecoin wallet to transfer the DOGE.

3. Always know that it is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure that Dogecoin is transferred to Tesla’s Dogecoin wallet accurately.

Things to know when buying products on Tesla Shop with Dogecoin

1. All eligible Tesla products will be clearly priced in DOGE. This will include any applicable taxes.

2. Fees are charged by the Dogecoin network each time a payment is made in DOGE.

3. If you transfer incorrect amount of DOGE, your order may be subject to cancellation.

4. You can’t send more than one payment using multiple wallets for a single order.

5. Once you make a payment, it is important to allow the payment page to refresh. Your order is confirmed via a confirmation email from the Dogecoin network. (If can take up to 6 hours for the network to confirm your payment).

6. The timer on the payment page will display the amount of time you have to complete your payment. If time expires, you’ll need to restart the order process.

7. You can’t cancel an order purchased with Dogecoin.

8. You can’t return an item purchased with Dogecoin or exchange for cash.

9. Tesla only receive Dogecoin. It cannot receive or detect any other cryptocoins.

10. You should have it in mind that making payments in Dogecoin can be risky. Hackers or other similar groups might try to cause problems with the Dogecoin network on your payment that could affect your transaction. This can result in lost or stolen Dogecoin which Tesla is not responsible for.

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