The crypto market has currently reached the $1trillion mark after many weeks of price fall. As many crypto assets hope to stay bullish, investors should watch the digital asset to buy.

Litecoin is one of the top digital assets today while RoboApe is another top cryptocurrency with huge potential. Investors who want to diversify their portfolios can therefore choose between Litecoin and RoboApe.

In this post, we’ll discuss the investment opportunities for both Litecoin & RoboApe and which to choose. Before then, let’s know about these digital assets.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency designed with the intention to initiate easy transactions between parties.  It is also created to remove the presence of ambiguities and enhance efficiencies at a lower rate.

LTC was created in 2011, two years after Bitcoin debuted. It was created in the image of BTC but better in transaction fees and block form. Litecoin is useful in transferring coins without any central authority.

Its main benefit comes from its speed and cost-effectiveness. Litecoin transactions are typically confirmed in just minutes, and transaction fees are nearly negligible. This makes it an attractive alternative to Bitcoin in developing countries, where transaction fees may be the deciding factor on which cryptocurrency to support.

As of writing, Litecoin is ranked 20th among thousands of cryptocurrencies. The price of LTC today is  $56.13 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $580,099,315 USD.


It has a live market cap of $3,972,204,790 USD. It has a circulating supply of 70,767,669 LTC coins and a max. supply of 84,000,000 LTC coins.

The ‘Bitcoin silver‘ is available for purchase on most crypto exchanges as well as P2P trading platforms worldwide.

What is RoboApe?

RoboApe is a decentralized meme cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum (ETH)network, similar to Apecoin. The meme coin which is about to be launched trades by the symbol (RBA).

RoboApe features an NFT marketplace where users may buy, sell, and trade NFTs. RoboApe’s NFT marketplace charges an RBA gas fee for minting new NFT tokens. Users will be able to make and sell RoboApe trading cards with pictures and GIF memes. The NFT, once created, will appear in the creator’s wallet.

This meme coin is set to be one-of-a-kind due to its exceptional product offering, covering a wide range of services that every demographic would find helpful. It is also a deflationary meme currency that will generate a demand for its use.

By eliminating the excess supply, the cryptocurrency’s value will stabilize, and investors will get the most return from this coin. The platform also has the RoboApe Academy, a free educational resource center designed to foster a simple and enjoyable blockchain for its users.

RBA serves to facilitate the community and deepen interaction and collaborations between investors and crypto users, offering several different benefits such as facilitating participation in DAO and the governance of the platform, minting and trading of NFTs, and rewards for holding tokens. In addition, the RoboApe (RBA) network promises to provide DeFi, NFTs, DEX, eSports, crypto education, and gaming for its users. For example, you can host the popular ‘Ask Me Anything’ to optimize users’ experience and the platform’s accountability.RoboApe

Charity and philanthropy are key to the RoboApe (RBA) network. Consequently, organizing and engaging in philanthropic events and games will play a significant role in the RBA ecosystem. RoboApe will offer a variety of philanthropic activities and events to make the world a better place.

The RBA token presale is on, and it is selling at $0.00009 per token.

Which to Buy Between Litecoin (LTC)  & RoboApe (RBA)?

Crypto traders/investors look to diversify their portfolio by investing in altcoins, i.e. crypto assets other than bitcoin. If you are presented with an opportunity to choose between altcoins like LTC & RBA then you must know what you really want.

Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies today having been created two years after the first crypto asset, Bitcoin was launched. LTC has managed to stay in the industry alongside BTC when others cryptos have fizzled out. RoboApe on the other hand is yet to be a household name in the industry as it is only in its pre-sale stage.

LTC’s main benefit comes from its speed and cost-effectiveness for payment. LTC has a time of 2.5 minutes, compared with 10 minutes for BTC. This means that LTC will be confirmed four times faster than those BTC. Meanwhile, RBA is created to serve many purposes-even in its NFT form.

As of writing, LTC sells for $56.13 USD which is about four times cheaper than BTC. RBA on its own presents investors with buying very low to make huge profits later. RBA is selling at $0.00009 per token which means that early investors can earn a fortune later.

Choosing between LTC & RBA depends on what the buyer/investor needs. LTC is however a better option if one needs to look at the investment risk. The number of years it has existed is nothing to be compared with a new project with huge opportunities.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Crypto Assets

1. Watch Out For Fraudsters/Scammers

You have to be watchful as you may come across a lot of hype around an investment strategy that promises huge returns from obscure crypto assets. Many have lost huge investments to Ponzi schemes. You’ll need to learn more about how a crypto coin and its investment work before putting money into it.

2. Do Your Own Research

It is very important that you do your own research on a token or an exchange before investing in crypto. The study of the white paper of any of the tokens you are investing can also be of help when you decide to trade crypto.

3. Build an Investment Strategy

Successful investors devise a plan for their cryptocurrency assets. Some crypto exchanges also allow you to copy the moves of established traders in the crypto market. This will be of help in taking the right step.

4. Pick a Good Crypto Exchange/Platform

A good crypto exchange or peer-to-peer platform like Prestmit is important for your crypto deals. You’ll need an exchange that is trusted and safe for your investment. Whether you are a beginner or not, the platform to use must be easy and fast for your transaction. You need to study the exchange/platform to use before putting your hard-earned money into a high-risk investment.

5. Learn About Crypto Timing

Cryptocurrencies are known to be volatile so the prices are always up and down. For you to invest and earn rather than lose all, you need to ”buy the dip”. This is buying crypto coin when the price falls.

The Bottom Line

Litecoin & RoboApe are both crypto assets with great opportunities for investors. LTC is a household in the industry, spanning over a decade while RBA is one of the latest projects with huge potentials.

Choosing between the assets depends on what the need buyer/investor wants after doing their research. Litecoin is however a good choice when looking at the risk involved in this kind of investment.

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