The growing popularity of cryptocurrency and its long-term potential is piquing people’s interest to invest in various crypto assets for possible top gains. With over 10,000 crypto assets, one crypto asset that creates a buzz amongst Nigerians is Dogecoin, which is notable for its features and value. Hence, the need to know where to sell Dogecoin in Nigeria.

It is noteworthy that one of the best ways to make money online is through crypto trading. Therefore, we can not rule out that people are mostly skewed toward buying and selling various crypto assets.

What Is Dogecoin (DOGE)?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a popular digital asset in the crypto space, and this is owed to its meme symbol as the coin was touted as a joke of cryptocurrency at its early stage. But today, Dogecoin has had its highs and lows, bullish and bearish price runs such that it has grown from a fanciful crypto asset into an investment opportunity.

When writing this article, the price of DOGE is $0.068, with a market cap of about $10 billion. This makes the crypto asset ranked the 8th largest cryptocurrency. However, there is a positive market sentiment toward Dogecoin, and experts believe that its price has the potential to rally to a bullish run before the end of 2023.

In recent years, the growing emergence of digital platforms has given rise to the adoption of Dogecoin as a payment, just as some stores accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This has further raised the bar for Dogecoin to become a viable asset you can buy and trade for other digital assets or products.

However, the market optimism toward Dogecoin attracts many crypto traders and investors to buy and sell the crypto asset at the best prices. But the question here is having a good knowledge of where to sell Dogecoin in Nigeria.



Best Place To Sell Dogecoin In Nigeria

There may be a proliferation of various crypto trading platforms in Nigeria and, by extension, sub-Saharan Africa, but Prestmit leads the pack in this regard. Prestmit is an over-the-counter (OTC) digital trading platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and gift cards. This is not to forget that you can also pay for your utilities on the platform.

Prestmit is the best place to sell your Dogecoin because our platform guarantees the security and safety of your funds while you sell your coin – with the state-of-the-art security infrastructure put in place to ensure that our users have a great experience on our platform.

Moreover, you can create a Prestmit Dogecoin wallet that enables you to receive, store, and send your DOGE whenever you want to make a transaction. This process is seamless on our platform.

How To Sell Dogecoin On Prestmit

Where to sell Dogecoins in Nigeria

The following are the simple steps to sell your DOGE on Prestmit without a glitch:

  • Download the Prestmit app on Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Create a Prestmit account and log into your account
  • Click on “Buy & sell cryptocurrency”
  • Click on “Sell cryptocurrency”
  • Click on “Sell DOGE”
  • Copy the wallet address or use the wallet QR code
  • Set your default fiat wallet to Naira
  • Send your DOGE to your Prestmit Dogecoin address
  • Confirm your transaction with the three-way steps
  • You will immediately receive your cash in your Prestmit wallet, which you can withdraw to your local bank account.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Is $1 Dogecoin In Naira?

As of the time of writing this article, the rate of 1 DOGE is N52.62. But it should be noted that this price is subject to change with factors like the market sentiments towards trading DOGE in Nigeria and the global market. This is evident in the 25.81% price drop in the asset in the last 24 hours. Therefore, it may be important for you to sell your Dogecoin today due to the uncertain feature of the crypto market.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that Dogecoin’s demand and supply largely drive its price and rates in the market.

How Do I Sell Dogecoin For Naira?

You can sell your DOGE for naira through peer-to-peer (P2P), over-the-counter (OTC), and other channels. So this depends on your preference. Register with your preferred platform, create a Dogecoin wallet, and start selling. You can follow the simple steps stated for you to sell on Prestmit, as our platform is trusted by hundreds of thousands of Nigerians trading daily on our platform.

Let’s reiterate that you can sell your Dogecoin at the best rates on Prestmit, so if you are thinking of where to sell your DOGE, think Prestmit.

Where Can I Buy And Sell Dogecoin?

You can create a Prestmit account to buy your Dogecoin at excellent prices and sell your coin at the best rates. We are reputed as one of the best crypto trading platforms in Nigeria, Ghana, and Africa. Therefore, you can be sure of getting the best value for your trade when you make Prestmit your right and trusted buddy in Dogecoin trading. We boast of sophisticated trading tools that make your transactions on our platform seamless and relishing.


Dogecoin continues to attract crypto traders and investors following its possible potential as a viable asset to asset to own. One of its major perks is selling the coin for cash for profit maximization. But you may not achieve the best rates for selling your Dogecoin if you are not abreast with the latest trends and patterns of the asset in the crypto market. This is why following the latest Dogecoin news and price predictions is important.

However, selling your Dogecoin on a reliable and reputable platform like Prestmit is imperative to get the best rates for your coin.