The chance that you have heard of Bitcoin is high, but, have you heard of USDT? USDT is used to refer to Tether. Similar to Bitcoin, USDT is cryptocurrency. Suffice it to say, USDT is renowned as the world’s third-biggest digital coin according to the value of the market. Though, it differs a lot from Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. USDT is also known as a stable coin. These digital currencies are connected to real-world assets. USDT was created to be tied to the dollar.

While there is a continuous fluctuation in value in the other currencies, the price of USDT is often equivalent to $1. Although, sometimes, in time back, the value of USDT has frightened investors. Traders of cryptocurrency sometimes use this coin to purchase cryptocurrencies, as a substitute for the greenback. Essentially, this offers them access to yearn security in a more reliable asset in periods of intense volatility in the crypto market. Nevertheless, there is no regulation of crypto, and a lot of banks try as much as possible not to do business with digital currency exchanges because of the risk It entails. It Is at this point that stable coins come in. USDT symbol is what Tether tokens trade under. Understanding Tether stays as the main origin of liquidity for the crypto market. Below are key things you need to know about USDT.

History of USDT

It was inaugurated as RealCoin in July 2014 and was modified in November as Tether by Tether Ltd; the firm that is accountable for the maintenance of the reserve prices of flat currency. USDT initiated trading in February 2015.

Controversy In USDT

USDT was allegedly hacked with $31 million worth of Tether coins embezzled, in November 2017. It passed through another ordeal in January 2018, as the important audit to make sure that the real-world reserve it sustained never happened. Rather, it declared openly it was separating from the audit firm, and it was delivered by regulators a warrant thereafter. Concerns as regards if the company, charged with dishonesty, has sufficient in stock to support the coin have been rampant.

Also, the New York Attorney General in the person of General Letitia James, in April 2019, pointed an accusation against iFinex inc., the parent firm of Tether Ltd and cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex operator, of hoarding an 850 million dollars loss of co-involved customer and corporate budgets form investors. Filings from the court claim that these accounts were allotted to a Panamanian body referred to as Crypto Capital Corp with the absence of a contract to oversee customers-withdrawal requests. Allegedly, Bitfinex stole about $700 million from Tether’s money reserves to hoard the void after the funds got missing.

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Where can I trade USDT?

There are quite a lot of ways to trade USDT. Nonetheless, a lot of people find ease to trade it through an exchange that is well trusted like Prestmit. Not only does Prestmit offer a good exchange rate, but Prestmit is also continuously ranked as one of the safest and guaranteed platforms to trade in Nigeria and Ghana. This is essential for if you misplace the personal key to your coins, it can be very difficult to retrieve your funds.

Trade USDT on Prestmit

The first step is to download the mobile app and register an account. If you already own one, just log in. Thereafter, go ahead to the trade page and delect USDT trade and send the coins to any of the addresses given, that fits your plan. Deliver the screenshot of the trade, then give it a few minutes, and you will get credited to your wallet balance at the corresponding rate.


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