Do you have a 20-year-old that you wish to buy a gift card for? Then, let’s explore the best gift card for this young adult. This comes with the understanding that gift cards are an excellent gift for any occasion, which is owed to the real-time value they hold to make them a better option than regular gifts. So, as there are gift cards for teenagers, some are ideal for 20-year-olds.

Understanding Gift-Giving Culture For 20-Year-Olds

A 20-year-old may likely be in the middle of their college or about to start a career. But this means that they might not be fully independent enough to afford some purchases for themselves. 

Gone are the days when parents, uncles, or aunts could buy this young adult any product they deem good, maybe during their birthday or graduation. This could be bags, clothes, shoes, etc. But gift cards have changed the norm by giving 20-year-olds the power to use their discretion to access their preferred product or service.

Therefore, irrespective of where they are and what they are doing now, it is suffice to say this is the best time to buy a 20-year-old a gift card. What are these cards? Just as an average boy at this age can love gaming and the average girl is enthused about fashion, this article gives an insight into the best gift card idea for this young adult.

Best Gift Cards To Buy For A 20-Year-Old

1. Amazon Gift Card

Gift card to buy for a 20-year-old

An Amazon gift card is an amazing gift to give a 20-year-old because there are many products or services they can get on the Amazon store using the card. It is popular knowledge that you can get almost anything on Amazon – this applies to this young adult seeking to buy books, shoes, bags, headphone sets, etc., on the platform.

This card exists in physical and digital forms and is available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations. So, for instance, you can give your 20-year-old a $25 Amazon gift card, and they can redeem the card for any products or services of their Amazon store.

2. Xbox Gift Card

Gift card to buy for a 20-year-old

An Xbox gift card is one of the most popular and best gift cards for video gamers. It is an ideal gift for a 20-year-old gaming enthusiast who wants to binge on various games during the holidays.

However, you must ascertain that the young adult uses an Xbox to play games before getting this gift card. On the other hand, you can get Steam gift cards or PlayStation gift cards if you play games on Steam or PlayStation, respectively.

You can buy Xbox gift cards in the denominations of $15, $25, $50, and $100, as it also enables access to watch movies and TV shows on the platform when the card is redeemed.

3. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Gift card to buy for a 20-year-old

Barnes & Noble gift cards are excellent for readers of all ages. So, this gift card can attract a 20-year-old who is avidly passionate about reading as they will get different genres of books – fiction and non-fiction in the Barnes & Noble store.

The denomination of Barnes & Noble gift cards ranges from $10 to $350 and can be redeemed at the store. This is a perfect gift to get young adults occupied with reading books during the holidays.

4. Etsy Gift Card

Gift card to buy for a 20-year-old

Etsy is a good place for personalized gifts. This is because it is a store where you can find products like clothing, jewelry, decorations, etc., or other customized things to have a fun-filled experience. As such, an Etsy gift card allows 20-year-olds to buy their preferred products on Etsy rather than buy them for them.

You can find Etsy gift cards in physical and digital forms, available in different currencies, including US dollars, pounds, Canadian dollars, Euros, etc.

5. UberEats Gift Card

Gift card to buy for a 20-year-old

UberEats gift card is an excellent card for a 20-year-old who loves to eat but doesn’t want to cook. This card enables the young adult to get their craving food delivered to them. This card is available in physical and digital forms, and the denomination ranges from $5 to $500. You can give an UberEats gift card to your young adult to enjoy special meals that they can always relish.

Where To Buy Gift Card For a 20-Year-Old

There are many places from which you can buy gift cards – either from retail stores or online trading platforms. But if you are confused about the best place to purchase your card, Prestmit is a reputable and reliable digital trading platform for buying all kinds of gift cards.

This platform is characterized by innovative trading features like an automated gift card rate calculator, advanced security, multiple payment options, and a sleek interface to make card purchases seamless and safe. It is quick and easy to buy gift cards on Prestmit as the best prices are unmatchable.

How To Buy Gift Cards On Prestmit

Gift card to buy for a 20-year-old

Here are the quick steps to buy your gift cards on Prestmit:

  • Visit the official Prestmit website or download the Prestmit app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Create a Prestmit account and log in.
  • Click “Gift Cards” and choose “Buy Gift Cards.”
  • Select your preferred card in the “Gift Card Category.”
  • Enter the amount and quantity of the card that you want to buy.
  • Agree to the terms of purchase and choose your preferred payment method – fiat or cryptocurrency.
  • You will receive the card immediately in your email upon confirming your transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Best Gift Card To Buy For A 20 Year Old

What Is The Best Gift Card To Buy For A 20 Year Old?

The type of gift card you buy for a 20-year-old depends on the young adult’s interest. You may need to buy an Xbox gift card for someone who loves playing games and a Barnes & Noble gift card for a reader.

Are Gift Cards Ideal For A 20 Year Old?

Gift cards are designed for every age range, including teenagers and old adults. You need to look at and choose cards that are in the best interest of the 20-year-old recipient.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards For A 20 Year Old?

Prestmit is the best place to buy gift cards, as there is a wide range of cards for all ages and interests. It is effective and efficient to buy your cards on Prestmit, as it is one of the best gift card trading platforms in Nigeria and Ghana.


You can not go wrong when you get the best gift card for a 20-year-old. There are many cards for this young adult, as we have highlighted some of them in this article, including where to get the cards. However, it is essential to buy the cards useful to people this age and not the cards they might likely waste because of a lack of interest.