Ask anyone if they’d like to get a gift card, and the answer will be yes. People everywhere find gift cards very useful, including your folks in Australia. So, it’s natural to want to know the most valuable gift card types in Australia.

Australians enjoy the versatility of gift vouchers and the ease of shopping online, as most brands now have a marketplace or website. Some gift cards allow for payment of goods and services across brands, and this makes them valuable. Others are well-known in Australia, providing curated goods and services for the Australian population.

So, to help Aussies tackle the hassles of shopping, today’s blog will explore Australia’s top 10 most valuable gift cards.

10 Most Valuable Australian Gift Card Types

1. Apple Gift Card

One of the most valuable gift cards in Australia is the Apple gift card. It’s widely used because most people own iPhones or want to own one. With an Apple voucher, they can shop for an array of Apple products like apps, books, games, music, movies, accessories and even an iPhone. This gift card is an excellent gift for any Aussie and on any occasion.

You can buy an Apple gift card online from digital trading platforms like Prestmit and send it directly to your recipient. They come in denominations ranging from $10 to $100. If the recipient doesn’t want it, they can also sell the gift card at high rates on Prestmit.

2. The Oodie Gift Card

Most people in Australia are familiar with the Oodie company, makers of comfortable bulky jumpers, blankets and sleepwear. These pieces are super comfortable during the cold seasons. Oodie blankets come in various sizes and colours for both kids and adults. So, giving your Aussie friend an Oodie gift card would go a long way, especially if that person just moved there recently.

You can buy an Oodie gift card from $25 to $500 in any denomination and send it to your friend or loved one via email.

3. Gift Card

An Amazon gift card is one of the best gift cards you can give anyone, including those living in Australia. Amazon is the go-to marketplace for everything from clothes and accessories to gadgets and gizmos. Its extensive product range makes it a valuable e-shop, making its gift voucher valuable.

Amazon gift cards range from $5 to $500. You can buy Amazon gift cards online on authorised retailers’ sites like Prestmit or directly on Amazon and email them to your intended recipient. Alternatively, you can purchase one at gift shops in Australia.

4. Visa Gift Card

Visa gift cards may win the award for the most versatile gift card on this list. It’s a gift card issued by Visa and can be used to pay for goods or services online or in stores where Visa cards are accepted.

Whether it’s to book a flight or a hotel room, pay for stuff at the mall, or utilities, a Visa gift voucher will suffice. So, if you’d rather offer your friend ease and versatility, an Australian Visa gift card is your best bet.

5. Adore Gift Card

If your Aussie friend or loved one is a makeup or beauty enthusiast, they’ll appreciate the Adore gift card. Adore Beauty is one of the leading online beauty product retailers in Australia. They stock products from about 260 beauty brands, selling fragrances, skincare and wellness products.

A gift voucher to shop at the Adore Beauty store will surely delight that beauty enthusiast friend. You can buy an Adore card on the website and email it to your friend. Denominations range from $5 to $500. Keep in mind that the Adore gift card expires after 1095 days and is non-refundable.

6.  Uber Gift Card

Except there’s another pandemic, people need to move around. One of the popular means of transport is Uber. So, sending an Uber gift card to that friend who jumps from cab to bus almost daily will be super helpful.

Uber Eats is another service the gift card covers, as the company offers rides and food delivery services. Get an Uber gift card on platforms like Prestmit and send it via email to your friend. They can redeem it to Uber Cash and get from A to B anywhere in Australia. The vouchers range from $10 to $500. However, according to Uber, each account can hold up to $2000 in gift card value.

7. Bonds Gift Card

Bonds is another well-known clothing brand in Australia. You can find stylish apparel on the website for men, women and children. From underwear and sportswear to casual shorts and tees, Bonds can cater to the everyday Aussie.

A Bonds gift card is suitable for anyone and for any occasion. They’re available in denominations from $10 to $500. You can purchase one of the gift vouchers and email it to your friend/loved one directly from the gift card page.

8. JB HiFi Gift Card

JB Hi-fi is one of Australia’s biggest home gadgets and appliances retailers. This one is for those who want to create a nice entertainment ambience in their homes with quality home gadgets. With a JB Hi-fi gift card, one can purchase the best home surround sound system, TVs, laptops, game consoles, phones, etc.

To gift a friend in Australia the choice of any appliance or gadget they might want, buy a JB hi-fi gift card directly from the website.

9. Catch Gift Card

Catch is a superstore in Australia that stocks a range of products in several categories, whether it’s furniture, fashion or gadgets. Think of it as a mini Australian Amazon. It’s perfect for Aussies looking to score a bargain or two and still get quality things. A lot of times, items are on sale.

It’s an easy choice if you don’t fancy any other gift cards on this list. Catch gift cards are digital and are available for purchase in denominations of $10 to $500.

10. Charlotte Tilbury Gift Card

gift card types in Australia

Lastly, the Charlotte Tilbury gift card is one for luxury lovers. The brand sells luxury makeup and skincare products. Since the weather in Australia can easily irritate the skin, your friend would appreciate the skincare products.

You can buy a Charlotte Tilbury gift card on the website and email it to your friend. They come in $10 to $250 denominations.

FAQs About Top Gift Cards in Australia

What types of gift cards are available in Australia?

A: You can find all types of gift cards in Australia, from entertainment and games to transportation and utilities. Some popular gift card types in Australia include Apple/iTunes, Visa, Steam, Oodie gift cards, Amazon, Uber, and Adore, among many others.

Where can I buy gift cards in Australia?

A: You can buy gift cards in Australia online from digital trading platforms like Prestmit, with over 1000 gift card brands in its catalogue. However, some specific brands like Oodie or Charlotte Tilbury issue gift cards, which are sold on the brand’s website directly. You can also purchase very popular and versatile cards in physical form from gift shops in Australia.

What is the best gift card in Australia?

A: The best gift card in Australia could differ for different individuals depending on their needs, wants and what the gift card covers. Gift vouchers like Visa and Amazon are many people’s favourites because they provide access to various goods. Their versatility makes them very valuable.


Gift cards are just as useful in Australia as in other parts of the world. Over the decades, brands have evolved and issued gift cards as an easy payment means for local and international customers. The top 10 most valuable gift card types in Australia include Apple, Oodie, Uber, Amazon, Catch, Charlotte Tilbury, Bonds, Adore, JB Hi-fi and Visa gift cards.

With these vouchers, your Aussie friends and loved ones can have a rich, luxurious and convenient life in Australia.