Gift cards are increasingly stirring a buzz across the digital space of Nigeria, with the city of Jos, not an exception. With the growing rate of smartphone users in Jos, there is a change in the buying behaviour of customers towards online shopping. With this new technology norm, gift cards are gaining popularity and importance to make shopping easy and money easy to make.

Consumers are accepting these non-cash payment methods in place of cash. People may now use these gift cards more efficiently, thanks to International payment brands like Mastercard and Visa, which have enabled easy and fast mobile payment across the globe. Gift cards should therefore be sold in places like Jos, Nigeria, rather than being wasted.

Best Gift Cards To Sell In Jos, Nigeria

1. Google Play Gift Card

With a Google Play gift card, you may get the finest of the online world. You can purchase various items on the Google Play store with a gift card, including software, games, music, movies, and TV shows.

It can be delivered to you electronically or physically by email. You can get back 85% of the cost of your purchase with a Google Play Gift Card. Because they fluctuate, it’s a good idea to check the rates frequently.

2. Amazon Gift Card

We can use Amazon gift card to purchase items from their online store as well as digital content and Amazon Videos.

In addition, the value of the card, whether a receipt is included, and the time of year affect how much an Amazon gift card is worth.

3. Steam Gift Card

The Steam gift card continues to be the most popular in Nigeria, making it simple to give. Nearly all gift card dealers in Nigeria and worldwide enjoy trading cards since they have such a high conversion value and are so simple to convert. Gift cards are also popular among recipients.

You can buy hardware, software, and gaming products with Steam cards. Consequently, if you like playing video games, you want to think about purchasing a Steam Gift Card.

4. eBay Gift Card

You may use an eBay gift card to shop for millions of items in art, electronics, etc. You may also use eBay gift cards to cover all or a portion of the cost of any item you purchase on the website.

E-commerce gift cards are some of the most expensive gift cards in Nigeria since drop shippers and wholesale buyers use them regularly. You can be qualified for payback of up to 85% on an eBay gift card.

5. iTunes Gift Card

An iTunes gift card can be described as a pre-paid credit card for Apple’s iTunes store. Through Apple’s media and the iTunes store software marketplace, you may buy music, movies, apps, and other materials.

It differs from the Apple Store, where you may use Apple Store gift cards to purchase physical products like iPhones and MacBooks. Depending on the state of the asset, you can get up to 83% of the face value of an Itunes gift card when you trade it in for cash.

6. American Express Gift Card (AMEX)

Restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, etc., all accept American Express (AMEX) gift cards as payment for products and services. This card can be given as a present on important occasions to friends and family. Businesses utilise it as a way to thank their clients and employees.

It’s interesting that this card is offered in physical and digital forms and may be purchased in a range of sums. The digital cards can be used online for purchases or swapped for dollars, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin cash. The American Express gift card expires after nine years, so be mindful of that.

7. Sephora Gift Card

A Sephora gift card is a better alternative to a cash buying things from the shop; a Sephora Gift card is a better option than cash. Sephora sells a wide range of women’s beauty goods.

As a skincare enthusiast, you can effortlessly utilise the Sephora gift card to swap for beauty products at their store. The value rate is almost comparable to that of the Google Play Card. You may get an average of 85% off your Sephora Gift Card.

Where To Sell Gift Card In Jos – Prestmit

When you decide to sell your gift card, you’ll need to know how to do it swiftly and efficiently. Selling a gift card on Prestmit is the quickest method to transform it into cash. Because the exchange amount is determined by the popularity of the gift card and the amount of inventory on hand, you are unlikely to receive the total value of your card.

People often try to buy unwanted gift cards on social media, but it’s critical to choose the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria to avoid scams. As a result, you may exchange your gift cards for cash on Prestmit with confidence and security.

How To Sell Gift Card On Prestmit

1. Sign up for a Prestmit account and log in.

2. Click on “Begin Trade”.

3. Select “Sell Gift Card” with your details.

4. Click on “Category” to indicate your gift card.

5. Specify “Gift Card Type.” In this instance, it can be a physical or Ecode gift card.

6. Enter the “Amount” of the gift card you want to sell.

7. Upload the gift card image if you sell a physical card.

8. Enter your payout method. You can receive payment in cash (naira) or cryptocurrency (BTC and USDT).


Gift cards are a way of making cool cash when they are sold. But it is important to trade with a trusted gift card platform like Prestmit, where you can get the best rates for your gift cards.

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