Gift cards have made gift-giving more effective and precise than it used to be because they give the recipient the power to get what they want. 

One gift card brand that is a sure moneymaker is the AMEX gift card. The gift card is among the most valuable gift cards on most trading platforms. This is why the exchange rate of a $500 AMEX gift card deserves an article.

American Express, or AMEX, is an American financial services organization that makes payment cards.

Its experience making debit/credit cards has given them an upper hand in making effective gift cards. This is because the organization already has a payment platform that allows their card users to use them for payment in different business organizations.

$500 AMEX gift card in Naira

This translates to that anywhere AMEX prepaid cards are accepted, then AMEX gift cards will also be accepted, making it an open-loop gift card.

Open-loop gift cards, unlike closed-loop gift cards, give their holders access to more shopping options because it allows them to shop in different stores.

AMEX gift card is one of the best gift cards with the highest rates on gift card trading apps/sites.

How Much Is $500 AMEX Gift Card In Naira?

The value of a $500 AMEX gift card is between N230,000 and N250,000. This depends on factors like the real exchange rate, market demand for this card, and the global gift card outlook. This value varies across platforms.

However, there is a gift card rate calculator on Prestmit that gives you the real-time rate of your AMEX gift card.

How To Check Your American Express Gift Card Balance

Checking your $500 American Express gift card is easier than you might have imagined because you can do it from your phone or any device connecting you to the internet.

You can check your AMEX gift cards offline by calling the customer support number at 888-846-4308. The number is located on the back of the physical gift card.

You can check your balance on the company’s website for those who live and breathe the digital space. To make it easier to locate, you can go through this link. You would have to input your gift card number and click I am not a robot on the page the link takes you to.

Now that you must have confirmed the balance on your gift card, it is time to sell AMEX gift card on a trading platform that offer at high rates. 

How To Sell $500 AMEX Gift Card On Prestmit

$500 AMEX gift card in Naira

Here are the quick steps to sell your $500 AMEX card on Prestmit:

  • Download the Prestmit app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Create a prestmit account and log in.
  • Click on “Buy & sell gift card.”
  • Choose “Naira (NGN)” as your preferred payment method.
  • Select “AMEX gift card” in the gift card category.
  • Enter “500” in the gift card amount.
  • Upload the image of your AMEX gift card or enter the code in the comment section.
  • Click on “Proceed” to complete the transaction.
  • You will receive payment immediately upon the confirmation of the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Know The Value Of My $500 AMEX Card In Naira?

You can know the value of your $500 AMEX gift card in naira by using a gift card rate. This is available on Prestmit, providing you with the current rates of your cards.

How Much Is $100 AMEX Gift Card In Nigeria?

A $100 AMEX gift card is between the value range of N40,000 and N60,000 in Nigeria.  The value is not fixed as it depends on the market demand for this card, the real exchange rate, and the global gift card market.

Where Can I Sell My $500 AMEX Gift Card In Nigeria?

I recommend Prestmit as the place to sell your AMEX card in Nigeria. This is due to its low trading fees, high card rates, instant payments, etc., which makes it one of the best gift card trading platforms in Nigeria.


American Express gift cards continue to be one of the most expensive traded gift cards, so it will benefit every gift card trader who should look towards selling them for cash or crypto.

On Prestmit, traders can also acquire crypto with their gift cards. You can pick the type of crypto you want as a payment option. Get that American Express gift card today and trade on Prestmit to get paid instantly.