Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The world has gone crypto crazy and Ghanaians aren’t left out. People have been making heavy investments in different kinds of new currencies in the crypto market. After the success of Bitcoins and the continuous growth of Ethereum, crypto enthusiasts have been on the lookout for the next big thing in the market.  If you haven’t invested in at least one digital currency you might just want to. How do you invest? Through  Cryptocurrency Exchanges. We have researched extensively to bring you the Top 5 companies to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Ghana.

The following are factors that were put into consideration before making our list.

Factors to Lookout for Before Picking a Cryptocurrency Wallet

  1. Fees: Different wallets charge different amounts of fees for their services. We have carefully picked the ones with the most pocket-friendly fees.
  2. Security: No one wants to lose their hard-earned money to internet fraudsters. So before picking a platform to trade on you need to be sure it’s secure. Both Binance and Kucoin have previously been hacked for a lot of money. If the platform is insured they will easily pay their customers back what was stolen.
  3. Amount of Active Cryptocurrencies Trading on the Exchanges: Bitcoins and Ethereum might be the best performing cryptos but aren’t the only ones invented. E.g Dogecoin, Solana, Binance coin etc are all cryptos trying to challenge Bitcoins. There is no telling how much these other currencies will gain in the future. While picking an exchange platform you need to be sure they trade on different kinds of cryptos. Also, watch out for how much trade is being made on the other currencies apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum. More trade means there is enough cash to be thrown around for the digital currency. To check the performance of each digital currency you can check
  4. Usability: While making up this list we looked out for the user-friendliness of a number of platforms. The 5 we picked are very easy to use with guides on how to navigate the site/app.

After all, is said and done, here are the top 5 Crypto exchange Platforms.

5 Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Wallets in Ghana

  1. Binance US
  2. Coinbase
  4. Kraken
  5. Gemini

Apart from these traditional crypto exchange platforms, you can also buy Bitcoins and USDT with gift cards. There are gift card trading platforms that are secure to trade on and they buy gift cards for Cryptocurrency at high rates.