Do you want to sell bitcoins and you are sending from a Bitcoin ‘ATM’ Machine? Here is a detailed guide on how to do this.

If you do not have a Prestmit account, then you will have to register first.

Once logged in, go to the BTC WALLET page. If it’s your first time, you will see a button that says “GENERATE BITCOIN WALLET“. If you have already generated before, you will see your BITCOIN ADDRESS and QR CODE

The address and QR code are yours, for life, and you can receive bitcoins from anywhere, any currency, anytime. The address does not change, it is permanent.

Now, to receive bitcoins from Bitcoin ATM.

First off, it’s not advisable to use your bitcoin address because the sender will have to type it one by one and we all know bitcoin address is always long.

So, you will be using your BTC wallet QR code. The QR CODE is the black and white image beside your address. It is a machine-readable code and it also contains your address. So when the machine scans the QR code, your address will come out. Not to worry, it is safe and 100% accurate.

So, copy or save the QR code and give it to the sender. The sender will scan the QR code with the machine and your bitcoin address will come up.

The sender will then enter the amount of bitcoins and submit.


  • Once the bitcoin is received to your BTC wallet, you will be automatically credited the naira equivalent in your naira wallet which you can withdraw immediately or whenever you want.
  • It can take a few minutes for the transaction to reflect as bitcoin ATMs can be slow.
  • Understand that bitcoin ATMs deduct charges, at times, the charges are high. So the amount of bitcoins you buy is not what will be sent.

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