E-gift cards have proven overtime to be a more popular gift and reward option. A gift code is usually issued by the brand of the Gift Card and they are sent as SMS or to your mail and then you use it to redeem the Gift Card on the brand’s website. Electronic gift cards function the same way as plastic gift cards, but e-gift cards with a code are emailed to the recipient. E-Gift cards have increasingly become a favourite of all, inclusive of the young and old, especially because transactions, these days have gotten easier with gift cards.

Despite being accessible to everyone, not all can make use of e-gift cards owing to reasons such as country of residence and needs that involve money. This is why knowing what to do with e-gift cards is necessary, as well as how to sell e-gift card. To help you figure out what to do with e-gift card, we have come up with this suggestion – sell e-gift card for Bitcoin.

The rise in the influence and worth of Bitcoin, people are looking for the best and cheapest ways to invest in the cryptocurrency, especially small investors who want to invest a little bit. Gone are the days when buying Bitcoin was difficult. These days, there are a number of easy options to buy Bitcoin and one of them is buying Bitcoin with e-gift cards. And this is why it is needed to discuss how to sell e-gift card for bitcoin or cash.

How to Sell eGift Card for Bitcoin

Converting your egift card to Bitcoin is not an issue, as there are cryptocurrency exchange platforms or services where one can actually buy Bitcoin with egift card or sell egift card for cash. You can easily convert different types of egift cards to Bitcoin on platforms like Prestmit. The first step involves registering an account on the website or download their mobile app. Sign in if you already have an account with that. If you just created an account, create address. Each user of that is platform is free to have a bitcoin address that is free.

Here’s How To Convert eGift Card To Bitcoin on Prestmit

Register a Prestmit account on web or using the app (download the mobile app here)

Select gift card as the type of gift card you are trading and enter the amount;

Submit your gift card for processing after selecting Bitcoin as your most preferred payment method;

Wait a few minutes for the trade to be approved

Payment is immediate.


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