Razer gold gift card is issued by the Razer Corporation, which makes and sells gaming hardware and software. The gift voucher is one of the hot-selling digital assets today.

Call it the gift card for gamers; you are not wrong. Although the Razer gold gift card can serve different purposes, it can be identified more for its use on gaming platforms.

This gift card is in green, black, and gold, with values ranging from $5-$1,000. It comes as both a physical card and an e-code PIN. The Razer platform has over 30,000 games and other top-notch content for users.

What is Razer Gold Gift Card used for

Razer Gold Gift cards

In this article, we’ll see what the Razer gold gift card is used for. Let’s get right into it!

Uses of Razer Gold Gift Card

The Razer gold gift card is hot-selling because of its several uses, which are discussed below.

1. Purchase Top Video Games

This gift voucher can purchase some of the most-wanted video games. These include Persona 5 Royal by ATLUS, Elden Ring, Neon White, God of War Ragnarok, and many other exciting games.

Gamers who cannot wait to get into this adventure use this gift voucher to purchase these top video games.

2. Purchase other Gift Card

Razer gold gift cards can be used to purchase other gift cards like the Google play gift card. Although this is not common with other gift cards, you can purchase digital products, such as music, books, etc., on the platform with a Google play gift card.

Another type of gift card you can purchase with the Razor gold gift card is the PlayStation Gift Card. Many PlayStation products are available on the Razor platform, including consoles and so on.

3. Sell Razer Gold Gift Card for Cash or Cryptocurrency

You can sell Razer gold gift card for cash or cryptocurrency on a trusted digital exchange platform. One such platform in Nigeria is Prestmit. Here, you will get the best market rate for your Razer gold gift card and then get paid in cash (naira or cedi) or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or USDT).

There are several other gift cards you can sell on the platform. This includes Amazon, Google Play, Spar, Nordstrom, AMEX, Vanilla, Shoprite, eBay, Apple, and Steam gift cards.

How to Sell Razer Gold Gift Card for Cash on Prestmit

Selling your Razer Gold Gift card is a top option when using it. You can sell your Razer Gold Gift Card in Nigeria using the following steps on Prestmit:

  1. Download and sign up on the Prestmit app.
  2. Click on “Buy and Sell Gift Cards“.
  3. Further click on “Sell Gift Cards“.
  4. Select ” Payout Method” and choose Naira.
  5. Click on “Gift Card Category” and choose “Razer Gold“.
  6. Click on “Gift Card Type” and choose “USA Razer Gold
  7. Click on “Amount” and type in the amount of the Razer Gold card you wish to sell.
  8. Upload the gift card image, if any; if not, type the code in the comment box.
  9. Click on Proceed and Submit Trade. The payment is credited to your Prestmit Naira wallet instantly.
Sell your Razer gift cards at Prestmit

Sell your Razer gift cards at Prestmit

Why Sell Your Gift Cards on Prestmit?

Prestmit is trusted and reliable as it offers a unique and seamless trading experience to all gift card traders worldwide. The platform will be your only option when you give it a trial and create an account to try its awesome trading experience for users.

Many users have given it a good rating because of its swift customer service, high rates on digital assets, fast payment policy, multiple payment options, high-security protocol, and the app’s good user interface.

Closing Thoughts

Having a Razer Gold gift card comes with a lot of benefits. Asides from its uses for gamers and to make a profit when exchanged for cash, the card is efficient and has no activation fee or expiry date.

Prestmit, an online trading app is one of the best places to redeem your gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana.