amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards are one of the most sought after, maybe because of the popularity of Amazon is only the world’s largest online retailer that caters to the needs of millions of customers worldwide. The Amazon platform has almost any item one needs and an Amazon gift card grants the receiver access to these items. With the array of items on the platform and the unique characteristic of gift cards, an Amazon gift card is the key to gift heaven. The cardholder will have a filled day picking out what they want. However, not everybody knows how to use Amazon gift cards, especially in Nigeria where it is not very common. This article has been designed to help its ‘Naija’ readers understand how to use their Amazon gift cards in Nigeria. But first of all, how do you buy one?

The Best Way To Buy Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria

Normally there are two ways to buy an Amazon gift card. You can get them offline from retail stores or online as an eGift card. However, Nigeria does not sell Amazon gift cards. To buy them from Nigeria you will go through a third party living in a country where they are sold. They can buy them and send the codes to you via email. After buying they will send the card redemption code to the receiver through email or Whatsapp.

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Vouchers In Nigeria

After getting the gift card the next thing will be to use it. Amazon gift cards were solely made to redeem gift items from which is an online business. People living in Nigeria can redeem gift items from the platform but shipping is where the problem starts. Shipping to Nigeria from Amazon is quite expensive, sometimes even more than the item purchased. This discourages Nigerians most of the time from buying items on the platform so how else can one make their Amazon gift card useful? By selling it for cash or Cryptocurrency.

Redeem Them for Naira or Cryptocurrency 

Yes, you can redeem your gift card for Naira or even Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT. All you have to do is create an account on a gift card trading app that buys gift cards at high rates

After creating your account on the safe and easy to use the platform you then sign up and follow the directions. Be sure to choose the right payment method at the end of your transaction.  Before attempting to sell, check your card balance to be sure how much is left on it so you know how much you are getting. You can also check a rate Calculator to know how much Amazon gift cards sell at the moment.

Whatever the case is, an Amazon gift card is useful in Nigeria either to redeem items on or to redeem cash and Cryptocurrency.