Gift cards are a great digital asset to have because of the different uses they provide. We may be familiar with some of these gift cards and how they work, but do you know about Amazon gift cards? Amazon gift card is one of the best gift cards in the gift card market because of the value it holds from the time of purchase and also its potential to enable you to buy any of your preferred products on the Amazon store.

All you need to know about Amazon gift card


Amazon is an online retail store that issues Amazon gift cards. This store is notable for being the biggest online marketplace in the world with almost everything you want available for purchase in the store. Some of the products and content available on Amazon store are books, electronics, groceries, video games, men’s wear, women’s wear, laptops, etc.

There are different methods of making payments for your purchases on Amazon store and one such is using an Amazon gift card. This may be important for Amazon buyers in sub-Saharan Africa where the Amazon store does not largely support bank transfers or credit card payments from this region. Therefore, an Amazon gift card will suffice to be the payment method for any product you buy on the Amazon store.

However, the denomination of Amazon gift cards varies and this would determine how much of products you can on the Amazon store. For instance, if you have a $100 Amazon gift card, you can only make purchases of products within $100 price, although you buy these products at discounted prices when you use an Amazon gift card.

What Are The Benefits Of An Amazon Gift Card?

1. Better Shopping Experience

Let us reiterate that Amazon gift cards enable you to buy products at your convenience in Amazon stores. You can make purchases from the comfort of your home and you will have the product delivered to you. Amazon gift cards give you this opportunity because it is one of the most preferred payment methods in Amazon stores.

2. Give Amazon Gift Card To Loved Ones As A Gift

Gone are the days when we bother ourselves to think about what to buy for our friends and family for their big day. Not to worry because Amazon gift cards can provide a one-fit-all answer to your concerns. As we all know that Amazon is the one-stop store for all kinds of products and content, regardless of the niche. So giving an Amazon gift card as a gift would be suitable.

3. Resell Amazon Gift Card

Every gift card has a relative resale value. You can decide to sell Amazon gift card for cash if you do not want to redeem the gift card for your use. It is common knowledge that selling gift cards is one of the viable ways to make money online. Also, Amazon gift card has one of the best gift card rates when you sell the card.

Types Of Amazon Gift Cards

There are two (2) types of Amazon gift cards, namely, physical gift cards and e-gift cards.

1. Physical Amazon Gift Card

This is a type of Amazon gift card that exists in rectangular plastic or paper form. You can get a physical Amazon gift card at both physical and online stores. These gift cards are available in the denominations of $15, $25, $50, and $100. But there are selected stores at which you can choose a variable denomination that would preload your card from $25 to $500.

In addition, it is conditional on physical Amazon gift card buyers to activate the gift card at the point of purchase before redeeming the gift card to avoid errors.

2. E-Gift Amazon Gift Card

This can also be referred to as the digital type of Amazon gift card. This is a gift card that you get via email when you buy from either physical or online stores. E-gift Amazon gift cards are readily activated before being delivered to you, so you do not need to activate them as you will do for physical Amazon gift cards.

E-gift Amazon gift cards have denominations that range from $25 to any of your preferred amounts and you have the option of customising the gift card to your taste.

How To Buy Amazon Gift Card

You can buy Amazon gift cards in two (2) major ways and which largely on your preference.

Online Purchase

This is the act of buying your Amazon gift cards on the internet and which would portend some level of convenience for you when you do so. This is the commonest way people use to buy not just Amazon gift cards but almost every gift card. You can buy your Amazon gift card online through the following:

1. Amazon Website

For those of you that are sceptical about buying your gift card online, the Amazon website is the safest place to buy your Amazon gift card. This is owed to the fact that you are buying directly from the store that issues the gift card and your purchase is 99.99% safe. You can buy both physical and e-gift Amazon gift cards on the Amazon website.

2. Other Online Retailers

There are other gift card trading platforms or online marketplaces on which you can buy your Amazon gift card. The only thing here is to ensure that the online retailer is credible and not a scam. In this regard, I will recommend Prestmit as one of the best gift card trading platforms in Nigeria and Ghana, by extension, Africa. You can safely buy your Amazon gift card on our platform and we will get your gift card delivered to you within a few minutes.

In-Store Purchase

This is in contrast to buying your gift card online. In-store purchase is buying your Amazon gift cards at physical stores nearest to you. Here, you can buy your Amazon gift cards at:

1. Amazon Bookstores

There are Amazon bookstores located in different places and you can be assured that you will get an Amazon gift card in these locations. Amazon bookstores are like the physical representatives of the Amazon store which is largely online.

2. Other Retail Stores

These are physical stores that products like groceries, electronics, books, and whatnot from which you can buy Amazon gift cards if they are into gift card trading. These retail stores are spread across the country and you can try to locate one that is nearer to you.

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card

There are different ways to redeem Amazon gift cards, which is a function on where you want to redeem the gift card.

1. Redemption On Amazon Website

You can redeem your Amazon gift card on the Amazon website with the following steps:

  • Go to Amazon website
  • Create an Amazon account and log in
  • Navigate to “Program & Features” and click on “Gift Cards”
  • Click on “Redeem a Gift Card”
  • Enter the 14 characters of the alphanumeric code on your gift card and click on “Apply to your balance”
  • The value of your Amazon gift card will be added to your gift card balance

2. Redemption On Amazon App

You can redeem your Amazon gift card on Apple and Android devices through the following steps:

  • Open the Amazon shopping app and click the person icon to access your account information
  • Navigate to the Payments section and select “Manage gift card balance”
  • Click on “Redeem another gift card” to activate your gift card by entering the alphanumeric code of your card or scanning it

3. Redemption In-Store

The cashier at the in-store (Amazon bookstores or other retail stores) can help you redeem your Amazon gift card by entering the alphanumeric code on your Amazon gift card.

Amazon Gift Card Restrictions And Limitations

You must take cognizance of some factors when buying Amazon gift cards. These are:

1. Country Restrictions

Amazon store is headquartered in the United States and which makes its gift cards to be largely in US dollars. Notwithstanding, Amazon gift cards exist in other foreign currencies like the British pound, Euro, Turkish lira, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to use an Amazon gift card in any of these foreign currencies if the currency does not support your location of residence.

For instance, you can not use an Amazon gift card in Turkish lira in Nigeria because the user is outside the Turkish region.

2. Expiration And Fees

One major limitation of Amazon gift cards is that the card expires one year from the date of issuance. This means that an Amazon gift card can lose its validity of use after a year, although there is room for the revalidation of an expired Amazon gift card.

3. Gift Card Balance

You must have a sufficient Amazon gift card balance before you can use the gift card to buy products and content on the Amazon store. The amount of the balance you have determines the value of what you can access on the Amazon store. Also, you can not transfer the balance of your Amazon gift card to someone else.

What Are The Tips For Using Amazon Gift Cards?

1. Check The Gift Card Balance

You must ensure to check your Amazon account balance immediately after redeeming your gift card to confirm the addition of the amount of the gift card to your balance. You may encounter a zero balance error even after redeeming your gift card. So it is important to always check Amazon gift card balance.

2. Use The Gift Card Before The Expiration

Amazon gift cards do expire after one year of issuance, and you must understand. Therefore, endeavour to redeem and use your gift card before the expiration of its validity period. You can use the gift card to shop for different products, hence there is a wide range of options for you.

3. Combine Multiple Gift Cards

You can harness the values of your Amazon gift cards to give you a much larger amount on your Amazon account. This enables you to have an unlimited shopping experience on the Amazon store where you can always buy your preferred products or content.

4. Use The Gift Card On Amazon Prime Day

You can enjoy Amazon Prime Day by using your Amazon gift card to make purchases for your preferred products. Amazon Prime Day is known to have promotions that enable you to buy products at discounted prices while you save more money.


Amazon gift cards offer a wide range of benefits when you have one. While there are physical and e-gift types of Amazon gift cards, you can be assured that Amazon gift cards are never a waste. You can easily buy one if need be, although you have to understand the tips for using Amazon gift cards.

If you are thinking of buying a gift card today, I will suggest an Amazon gift card to you as it is capable of meeting your varying needs. Are you ready to buy an Amazon gift card? Buy on Prestmit today.