Target gift card for cash

Target Gift Card

Target is a leading megastore in the USA with a number of products from different categories to choose from. A Target gift card is a good substitute for regular gifts as it allows the holder to redeem exactly what they want from the megastore. However, you can also sell Target gift cards for cash on gift card exchange platforms.

Yes, it’s a thing to sell gift cards for cash and Target gift cards aren’t left out. So if you have a Target gift card you aren’t redeeming, why not convert it to cash? While you consider this mouth-watering offer let’s help you figure out where you can instantly sell the gift card. But first of all, you must know your Target gift card balance and the rate at which they sell for.

How To Check Your Target Gift Card Balance

Checking your Target gift card balance before trading is important so as to know how much you will be paid. Here are steps you should follow if you want to know your balance:

  • Go to
  • Enter the page set aside for checking your gift card balance. You will see two box spaces. One for  “CARD NUMBER” and the other for “ACCESS NUMBER/PIN NUMBER”.
  • Enter your gift card number in the space made for it. Include the dash when filling. Your Target gift card number is located at the back of the card.
  • Fill in the access/pin number into the space created for it. Your gift card number is the 8-digit number under the Card Number.
  • Click the “CHECK BALANCE” in the red rectangular box then you will get your balance.

How To Check Your Rates Before Selling Your Target Gift Cards For Cash

Before trading your Target gift card for cash you can check for current rates with a Rate Calculator. Gift card rates change due to different reasons, with the Rate Calculator you can always be on top of the situation. 

How To Sell Target Gift Cards For Cash Instantly

To be able to sell your Target Gift Card you need to a safe, user-friendly, platform like, then follow the following steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Log into the account
  3. Fill in the information required 
  4. Pick Naira or Cedis as your payment methods
  5. Wait for confirmation, which takes minutes, then you get your payment.

Selling on Prestmit is simple, straightforward and profitable because they also sell at high rates. So what are you waiting for? Dust off that Target gift card and instantly turn it to cash.