Target is a global retailer based in the United States that operates stores all over the world and offers a wide variety of goods. These 8 retail establishments are among the most significant in the United States. You can find just about whatever you are looking for at Target. Including but not limited to: toiletries, clothing, kitchenware, electronics, travel things, and so on.

Gift cards from Target are a form of digital currency that can be redeemed in-store or online for a wide variety of goods sold by the retailer. You are allowed to make purchases up to the limit that your balance supports. A $100 Target gift card can be used to purchase any item at the store that costs between $1 and $100. from footwear and gloves to food and the dishwasher, among other things.

Apart from using it to purchase items from the Target store, Target gift cards can serve an alternative purpose too. You can substitute a Target gift card for a gift item during festive or special periods. This is a great way to gift your loved ones something special on their special occasions while giving them the power of making a gift choice when the gift card is redeemed in the store.

Additionally, you can never go wrong with a Target gift card even if you do not intend to use it anymore. You can simply sell it for cash or crypto on a gift card trading platform. So you can see that having a Target gift card is most beneficial to you.

The only thing that might make your Target shopping trip less enjoyable is if an error notice appeared on your Target gift card. Error messages on Target gift cards are common occurrences among users and these messages are triggered by some fundamental problem from the gift card.

After gaining an understanding of the problem, it will be feasible to find a solution to it.

Error Messages for the Target Gift Card and Their Possible Solutions

There are some types of error messages very common with Target gift cards and the first step to solving this problem is to identify the error and the reason for the error. Here are the following error messages you may encounter while using a Target gift card;

1. Invalid Code Error:

This type of error simply suggests that your Target gift card code may be invalid. This could be because you entered the code wrongly or you have a fake gift card purchased from dubious vendors.

If you are seeing an error message that states you have an “Invalid Code,” you will need to double-check that you have filled in all of the relevant information on your gift card. If you are certain that you did, you should get in touch with Target for assistance.

2. Not Activated Error: 

You’ll likely have the “Not Activated” error notice appear on your screen solely in the event that your gift card has not been properly activated. Of course, you can’t use or redeem a gift card that has not been activated by the store. 

You need only take it back to the store where you bought it and make a request for activation or ask to be given a new and activated gift card.  With all of this knowledge at your disposal, you are more than equipped to handle any problem that may arise while you are selling your Target gift card.

3. Gift Card Damaged Error:

This type of error does not have anything to do with the user in most cases. The gift card damaged error often indicates that the gift card may have some technical issues which can only be fixed by the store.

If you get the error message “Gift Card Damaged,” you need to contact Targets customer care as soon as possible because the card cannot be used. Target will either mend it for you or they will sent you a replacement.

4. Zero Balance Error:

The “zero balance” error simply shows that the card balance has been exhausted or the balance is less than the transaction amount you wish to make. However, you can simply avoid this error by checking your gift card balance and history often.

If you’ve exhausted your card balance, you can purchase another Target gift card from any Target store or any gift card online marketplace


Your Target gift card might be the missing piece to the puzzle of your shopping adventure. Shopping gets convenient and more fun with Target gift cards and users can easily stick to their budget plan more often.

The occurrence of errors is not always avoidable but this article will help you navigate every obstacle that may come your way.