Gift cards for valentineIt was the famous American inventor, Benjamin Franklin, who said: “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.  So why not prepare for the day of love? The day that is set aside to show your loved ones how much you care, with gifts of course. Wondering what day this is? Valentine’s day, of course, 14th February is the day of love. The day when couples literally paint the town red with their fashion. The day couples exchange gifts. These gifts will either strengthen the relationship or have one of them asking “am I with the right person?” Yes, the right gift has a way of making a relationship stronger while the wrong gift will pass a wrong message. This brings us to the biggest problem couples face during Valentine’s day, what gift to get for the other half. It’s not really a crime to not know exactly what your spouse wants, especially if it’s a new relationship. So what do you do when you don’t know what to get? You turn to Valentine’s day gift cards.

What Are Valentines Day Gift Cards

Valentine’s day gift cards are the solution to picking the appropriate gifts on Valentine’s day. They are gift cards that have monetary value and can be used to redeem gifts both online and offline.

5 Reasons Why Are Gift Cards Most Suitable for Valentine’s Day?

There are numerous reasons why gift cards are by far most suitable for Valentine’s Day. But we will be focusing on the 5 most important reasons in this article.

  1. They help the giver save time that would have been spent on figuring out what to get.
  2. They take the responsibility of picking out the gift from the already confused giver and putting it on the certain receiver.
  3. Valentine’s day gift cards enable the receiver to get exactly what they want.
  4. Because Valentine’s day gift cards let receivers get what they want, this creates a positive feeling towards the giver. Therefore strengthening the relationship.
  5. Gift cards can help ease the tension even in an emergency. What does this mean? Let’s say you forgot to get a gift for your other half and it’s Valentine’s day already. You can easily order an eGift card and send it to him/her through their email. You can do all these from the comfort of your home or office.

Now that we know why Valentine’s day gift cards are the “bestest”. Let us see which ones are most appropriate for the day of love.

Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Cards For 2022

While planning on getting your Valentine’s day gift cards put these brands at the top of your list.

1. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the leading luxury stores in the USA. They deal in fashion and beauty products including fragrances. Giving your spouse a Nordstrom gift card on Valentine’s day will go a long way in telling them you care. Even people in Nigeria can buy items from the store because they ship to Nigeria. So a Nordstrom gift card will also be suitable in Nigeria. In case for some reason, the gift card isn’t redeemed on the platform they can be sold on a reliable platform that buys gift cards at high rates. 

2. Macy’s

Macy’s is by far one of the most sought-after American departmental stores. They sell products ranging from clothes, jewellery, furniture, beauty products, etc. The company’s range of products makes their gift card perfect for Valentine’s day gifts.

3. Sephora

This is a good Valentine’s day gift card for most ladies. The multinational deals in beauty and personal care products. They also sell original Sephora products. Most ladies will feel pampered with a Sephora gift card.

4. Amazon

Amazon isn’t the largest online retailer by mistake. They are good at what they do, that’s why their gift card is a reasonable option. The online store has all kinds of items for any and everybody. This is for those that have absolutely no idea what their spouse wants, maybe because it’s a new relationship. Not to worry an Amazon gift card will make you look like a pro.

5. Visa

Visa is an open-loop gift card. What this means is that they can be used in any store or business that accepts Visa cards as a means of payment. With a Visa gift card, you are giving your loved one a blank cheque.

6. Mastercard

Kinda like the Visa card, it’s also an open-loop gift card so they can be used as merchant payment once they accept MasterCard.

7. Spafinder

Spafinder helps its users find Spas, Salons, and fitness centers around. Why not give someone the pampering they need with a Spafinder gift card.

8. Zappos

She has been running through your mind so she needs new shoes at least. A Zappos gift card will be suitable to make this a reality. If she is a shoe lover this won’t be hard to notice. Notice the way she changes shoes or the way she admires good-looking shoes. That’s your cue to give her a Zappos gift card

9. Footlocker

Is your lover a sneaker freak? Or are they fitness junkies? Then a footlocker company will put a smile on their faces. They deal in top-quality sportswear and footwear. Get that sneaker lover/fitness junky a footlocker gift card and have them satisfy their craving.

10. Happy Gift Cards

A Happy gift card is a special type of open-loop gift card. They can be used for payments by Sephora, Spafinder, and a host of other female-specific stores. The gift card’s attributes make it a good option for the lady in your life.

Not good with picking the right gifts? How about you use one or two of the gift card options listed above. Remember to plan because February 14th is around the corner.