Poland iTunes gift card is a variety of the popular iTunes gift card which can be used in Poland and other stores or places that accept it. Generally, an iTunes gift card is considered one of the best, with fantastic resale value to offer both buyers and sellers reasonable rates while trading. The Poland iTunes gift cards, just like the US iTunes gift card, UK iTunes gift card, Australia iTunes gift card, or Canada iTunes card, can be used to buy items from the iTunes store without a credit card.

iTunes is notably Apple’s marketplace for everything that has to do with entertainment, media, and software. As such, Poland iTunes gift card can be used to buy movies, movies, books, apps, books, etc. You can get your PLN iTunes gift card either in physical type from stores or the digital form (Ecode) via an electronic channel (email). Moreover, Poland iTunes gift card comes in different denominations, including 50 PLN, 100 PLN, 150 PLN, 200 PLN, etc.

Poland iTunes gift card

Why Should You Sell Poland iTunes Gift Card?

There are many possible ways to sell your Poland iTunes gift card for cash when you have one, but you can also have about 10% cash back from the iTunes store when you buy your card from their online store. However, you can sell your PLN iTunes card to get about 90% of your actual card rate when sold on credible platforms.
In addition, iTunes gift cards have one of the because of the rate of iTunes gift cards that could be value-proof; the iTunes gift card, in comparison to other gift cards like Google Play gift cards and Amazon gift cards, has excellent card-rate maintenance.

Where Can I Sell My Poland iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria?


1. Phone Mobile Stores

There aren’t payment gates in every mobile phone retailer. Some may even make an offer to those who demand money for an iTunes gift card. Although there will be an advance cost, you will still receive the card in that fashion.

2. Restaurants

In some restaurants in Nigeria, you can use an iTunes card to pay. For instance, The Dragon’s Den restaurant in the centre of Lagos will accept it in exchange for complimentary food.

3. Selling Online

Prestmit is one of your best options if you want to sell your Poland iTunes gift card online in Nigeria because they are reputable and offer competitive prices for your cards.

Best Place To Sell Poland iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria – Prestmit

Poland iTunes gift card

With years of experience trading gift cards with Nigerians, Prestmit has earned a reputation for dependability, honesty, and hundreds of profitable online transactions. Prestmit is a legally recognised corporate entity with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

It would help if you focused on a website that provides quick and effective service when trading gift cards in Nigeria. Numerous reviewers have attested to the two fundamental tenets of Prestmit.

For individuals who want to trade while on the go, there is a mobile app for the website that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The fact that both the online and mobile versions were created with usability in mind is a resemblance between them.

The best thing about using Prestmit to trade in your Poland iTunes gift card is their excellent exchange rates. When you use the Prestmit gift card calculator, you’ll see that you’ve been paying prior dealers extra money because of their outrageous fees.

The good news is that Prestmit streamlines the process if you’re trading an iTunes card online for the first time. As follows:

How To Sell Poland iTunes Gift Card On Prestmit

1. Create a Prestmit account and log in to get started.

2. Click on “Begin Trade”.

3. Select “Sell Gift Card”, focusing on iTunes gift cards.

4. Click on “Poland iTunes gift card”.

5. Specify the type of Poland iTunes gift card, physical or Ecode.

6. Enter the ” Amount” of the Poland iTunes gift card you want to sell.

7. Upload your card image if you sell a physical gift card. But you must enter the 15 alphanumeric codes in the comment section if you want to sell an Ecode card.

8. Enter your payout method. In this case, you can receive cash or cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin or USDT).

Is It Legal Selling Poland iTunes Gift Card?

It is legal to sell gift cards in Nigeria. The exchange of the iTunes card for cash at the agreed-upon exchange amount completes the transaction. Any other item not sold by the gift card vendor store may be purchased with the funds raised from selling the gift card on an exchange platform.

However, it is against the law to duplicate a gift card without the originating business’s permission.


Selling your Poland iTunes gift card is an excellent way of making money for yourself, as it has amazing value. However, it is best to sell your card at a credible and reliable platform like Prestmit for fast and secure transactions.