As a regular gift card buyer or recipient, you know that you can swap unwanted gift cards for other gift cards, cash or even crypto. But do you know how to swap gift cards for digital goods like e-books, movies, games and more?

Gift swapping, as we know it, means exchanging your gift card for something else. While you would expect it to be another digital asset, it can be anything.

In today’s blog, let’s look at how to swap gift cards for digital goods like e-books, games and more.

What is Gift Card Swapping?

Gift card swapping refers to the exchange of unwanted and unused gift cards for other gift cards, cash, or cryptocurrency. People who swap their gift cards do so on digital trading platforms.

There is another context in which we can define gift card swapping, especially as it concerns swapping for digital goods like games, e-books, movies, etc. Remember that some gift cards can be redeemed to access these items on some platforms. For example, on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, you can get e-books, movies and games by redeeming your gift card and using the credit to pay for these items. So, we’ll consider gift card swapping in this context rather than its literal meaning.

How to Swap Gift Cards for Digital Goods

If you want to swap your gift cards for other gift cards, these are the steps to take.

  • Research gift card swapping platforms and choose one.
  • Create an account on your preferred platform, e.g. Paxful.
  • If it’s a P2P platform, browse through the offers and find one that offers what you want for the gift card you have. Alternatively, you can create your offer and wait for a buyer.
  • Confirm the authenticity of the user you’re dealing with and swap your gift card for your desired digital asset, whether it’s another gift card or crypto.
  • Conclude the transaction.

However, follow these steps to exchange your gift card for a digital product like a movie, game, or e-book.

  • Go to the website of your gift card issuer. For example, visit the Amazon website if you have an Amazon gift card. If it’s a Google Play gift card, visit the Google Play Store.
  • Create an account if you don’t have one, or sign in if you are a pre-existing user.
  • Navigate to your account profile and locate the section that lets you redeem gift cards.
  • You can redeem your gift card by entering the code ( X digit number), the PIN, and the expiry date where necessary.
  • Follow the prompt to complete the action. At this point, the balance of your gift card will be applied to your account, and you can download the game, movie, e-book or any other digital goods you want. The platform will apply the charges to your account.
  • That way, you will have swapped your gift card for the digital product.

Gift Cards That Can Be Swapped For Digital Goods

Not all gift cards can be swapped for digital goods. Here are some that can.

1. Google Play

Google Play gift card

This gift card is the obvious winner of vouchers you can swap or exchange (redeem) for digital goods. After redeeming your Google Play gift card, you can access thousands of games, apps, movies and e-books on the Play Store.

2. Apple/iTunes

apple gift card

Like the Google Play voucher, an iTunes or Apple gift card gives iOS device users access to various goods on the App Store, such as music, apps, games, and books.

3. Amazon

Amazon gift card

You can access Amazon Kindle and download Kindle books with an Amazon gift card. You can also download other accessories on Amazon. All you need to do is to redeem your Amazon gift card.

4. Steam

Steam gift card

Steam is a gaming platform. A Steam gift card gives you access to over a thousand games. You can swap a Steam gift card for only one digital item: games. You can’t get books or music on Steam because it’s a strictly gaming platform. Other gaming platforms, like Xbox and PlayStation, issue gift cards you can swap for games. By the way, check out these top 10 recommended gift cards every video gamer would love, in case you’re shopping for gifts for your game-head friends or family.

If you

5. Netflix

 Netflix gift cards



Netflix is a subscription-based movie streaming platform that allows users to watch thousands of movies. You can use a Netflix gift card to pay for one of the subscription plans.

Tips for Swapping Gift Cards for Digital Goods

Keep these tips in mind when swapping your gift cards for digital goods

  • Check if your gift card balance can cover the item you want to purchase. If it can’t, you may need to get another gift card since they can’t be reloaded.
  • If you’re buying a new gift card, ensure you choose a trusted website.
  • Keep your gift card details safe. Do not share it with anyone, or you risk losing it.


Gift card swapping is not a new concept. It has numerous benefits, such as easy access to digital goods and other digital assets. That’s why we have discussed how to swap gift cards for digital goods in this blog. Once you log on to the website of your gift card issuer, it’s an easy process.

Popular gift cards you can swap for movies, games, e-books, and the like include Amazon, Google Play, Apple/iTunes, Steam, and Netflix. You must redeem each card on the issuer’s website to do the swap.

Be vigilant when shopping for gift cards. Keep your gift card details safe, and don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team if you encounter any issues.