The adoption of gift cards has transcended borders such that countries like South Korea are constantly using these digital assets as an alternative to cash at shops and stores that support them. So, if you are planning to visit South Korea or wish to get a gift card for a loved one in the Asian country, here are the most valuable Korean gift cards.

Understanding Gift-Giving Culture In Korea

South Korea is a country whose cultural value is underlined with gift-giving. From the ancient Goryeo Kingdom to its present-day name, South Korea is notable for giving gifts of high value during ceremonies or events. 

While jewelry has been one of the longstanding gifts South Koreans often give their loved ones, money is another popular option in Europe; the large-scale adoption of digitization has brought about a paradigm shift to digital assets like gift cards in South Korea. This is because you can conveniently shop for your preferred products and services without using cash, making gift cards a better option than regular gifts.

Most Valuable Korean Gift Cards

1. Google Play Gift Cards

Most valuable Korean gift cards


A Google Play gift card is a card that enables you to access millions of downloadable content on the Google Store, as it is issued by Google Inc. Just as this card is available in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, etc., you can also find it in South Korea denominated in the Korean won (KRW).

This card exists in physical and digital forms and allows you to purchase content that cuts across entertainment, gaming, books, workspace tools, software, etc. You can also redeem the Google Play gift card to add it to your Google Pay account to send to a loved one.

Google Play gift cards are available for KRW 10,000, KRW 15,000, KRW 30,000, KRW 50,000, KRW 100,000, KRW 150,000, and KRW 200,000.

2. Steam Gift Cards

Valuable Korean gift cards

A Steam gift card is one of the popular cards for video gamers and gaming developers. Steam issues it and is widely used in South Korea, especially among the young population. Steam has a huge marketplace with popular Korean titles such as Lost Ark or MapleStory.

While this card enables you to join the teeming Steam community, who are mostly gaming enthusiasts, it is also a great gift for a loved one to access many amazing indie games.

This card is in physical and digital forms, with its denomination available in KRW 3,000, KRW 5,000, KRW 10,000, KRW 25,000, and KRW 50,000. It should be noted that this card has a high resale value – meaning that you can make money when you sell Steam gift cards – considering if you don’t want to redeem it.

3. KakaoTalk Gift Cards

Most valuable Korean gift cards

KakaoTalk has arguably become part of South Korean’s everyday life. This messaging app offers fascinating gaming and emoticons options, including communication features.

You can also use this platform to send funds as gifts and even split bills quickly. But, it has a customizable gift card that enables you to set specific amounts to purchase various digital products within the app. This is a digital card that you send to a loved one in South Korea, 

4. Netflix Gift Cards

Most valuable Korean gift cards

Netflix gift cards offer access to a wide range of K-dramas on Netflix. From Originals like Squid Games to the latest K-dramas such as Queen of Tears and Captivating the King, this card enables you to keep up with the Korean movies that spotlight the country’s culture.

You can easily use Netflix gift cards to make a subscription to Netflix, which is fast and convenient. This card is available in digital form, and you can give it to a K-drama enthusiast as a gift on their special day.

5. Starbucks Gift Cards

Most valuable Korean gift cards

Starbucks is a popular spot in the South Korean café culture as it is commonplace for teens and young adults to hang out for coffee. As such, Starbucks gift cards allow Koreans to grab Frappuccinos over meetings.

This card can be customized with personalized messages, photos, or designs to make your recipient feel unique and loved. Starbucks gift cards are available for KRW 4,500, KRW 4,900, KRW 5,000, and KRW 5,900.

Where To Buy Gift Cards In Korea

1. Retail Stores

Many retailers in South Korea offer a wide range of gift cards that serve different interests and occasions. You can buy gift cards from popular departmental stores such as Shinsegae and Lotte. These stores have dedicated gift card sections for various retailer cards.

2. Convenience Stores

Popular convenience stores like 7-Eleven, GS25, and CU have many gift cards you can purchase in Korean. It is easy to buy cards from these stores as they are widely available.

3. Online Platforms

There are many online platforms in South Korea that allow you to purchase gift cards conveniently. Some of them are Coupang, Tmon, and Gifticon – having various gift cards for purchase.

How To Sell Korean Gift Cards

Most valuable Korean gift cards

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Valuable Korean Gift Cards

What Are The Most Valuable Korean Gift Cards?

Some of the most valuable Korean gift cards are Starbucks gift cards, Google Play gift cards, and Steam gift cards. Others are KakaoTalk gift cards, Netflix gift cards, iTunes gift cards, etc.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards In South Korea?

You can buy gift cards at convenience stores, retail stores, and online platforms across South Korea.

Can I Convert Korean Gift Cards To Cash?

Yes, you can convert Korean gift cards to cash if you are not interested in redeeming the card after purchase or being given as a gift. Prestmit is one of the best gift card trading platforms, enabling you to sell your card for cash or crypto.


The increasing demand for gift cards in South Korea has been pivotal in the high value of some cards in the country. This is because South Koreans constantly use them to access various products and services.

While the gift cards highlighted in this article are some of the most valuable Korean gift cards, there are others that you can also explore. But it is always important to know the value and how the cards work before purchase.