One of the ways to show love and appreciation to loved ones, colleagues, or anyone, in fact, is by sending them gift cards. It can be any gift card; they’ll be grateful if it’s thoughtful and versatile. They could be anywhere in the world, whether it’s Denmark or South Africa. If they live in the latter place, you’ll need to explore the types of gift cards in South Africa.

Remember that gift cards are preloaded cards usually issued by brands and businesses to provide customers easy access to products and services. They’ve become so popular and widely used in contemporary times because of their convenience in gift-giving and use. So, if you’re considering getting someone a gift, a voucher would do.

Let’s explore the top 10 types of gift cards in South Africa for a friend, family member, colleague, or employee.

10 Best Gift Card Types in South Africa

1. Visa

Visa gift cards are pretty popular in South Africa as they are in many other countries. These gift cards are preloaded debit cards that holders can use to make payments anywhere Visa cards are accepted. Its versatility makes it a top choice among others.

Sending this gift card to your special person in South Africa ensures that they can buy goods like groceries, electronics, clothes, cosmetics, etc, from numerous merchants. They can also pay for services online and offline.

The best part is that since the gift card is valuable, the holder can decide to sell their Visa gift card if they don’t want to use it.

2. Woolworths Gift Card

One of the top gift card types in South Africa is the Woolworths gift card. Woolworths is a South African retail chain store that specialises in food, clothing, gadgets, home appliances, etc.

Anyone in SA would appreciate this gift card because the brand sells various everyday items. You can buy a Woolies gift card online in denominations of R50 to R10,000.

3. Amazon

You’ll be shocked at how many people know the Amazon brand. Amazon is one of the top-tier e-commerce marketplaces in the world. Every category of product you can possibly think of is available there. This is why an Amazon gift card is among the best types of gift cards in South Africa.

Electronics, cookware, clothing, books, hair products, beauty & fashion pieces, etc, are among the products a South African can access.

These gift cards are so versatile you can use them for whatever you want, including selling for cash or crypto.

4. iTunes

Everyone knows that South Africans love good music. Sending your recipient a gift card from iTunes is akin to sending good vibes for good and no-so-good days.

iTunes gift cards can be used to pay for music from the Apple App Store. With this voucher, your recipient can enjoy the latest music nonstop and create their playlists.

5. Pick n Pay gift card

Pick n Pay gift card

If you want to show your loved one how detailed you are, send them a Pick n Pay gift card. While it’s a popular store for groceries, Pick n Pay also stocks other items, such as apparel, medication, homeware, etc.

With a Pick n Pay gift card, the holder can shop from the Boxer, Pick n Pay, and TM superstores. You can buy one from their online store.

6. Netflix

What’s life without entertainment? Netflix gift cards offer you or your recipient access to the Netflix streaming platforms where you can watch movies of all genres. Bonus points if you’re picking this gift card for a movie freak!

They can redeem the gift card whenever they want because it doesn’t expire. For this reason, Netflix gift cards are pretty popular in South Africa. You can easily buy one on digital trading platforms like Prestmit.

7. Edgars

Edgars gift card in South Africa

At first glance, the Edgars gift card may seem better suited for females. Edgars is a superstore that stocks and sells men’s and women’s clothing, beauty products, and cosmetics online. In addition to these, the store also stocks electronics and home gadgets. So, you can rest assured that whoever receives this gift card will use it well in South Africa.

8. Xbox

The Xbox gift card is an entertainment gift card that most South Africans would love. This gift card lets users download games, movies, music, and apps from their Microsoft account. The gift voucher would be particularly appealing to gaming enthusiasts.

Xbox gift cards are super versatile, covering the different spheres of entertainment. This makes it an excellent gift idea. You can buy an Xbox gift card online and email it to your recipient. They can sell it on digital trading platforms for cash or crypto if they don’t want it.

9. Uber

Give an Uber gift card to your working-class friend or family member in South Africa. This gift card will significantly reduce their transportation costs if they are on the road very often.

If they’re remote workers or don’t have use for it, they can sell the Xbox gift card for cash or swap it for crypto.

10. Spotify

spotify gift card

Last but not least on our list of types of gift cards in South Africa is the Spotify gift card. Spotify is a music streaming platform not peculiar to one operating system. It works on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Send your music lover friend one to brighten up their month with the best South African hits.


Gift cards make the best gifts today because of the convenience of buying and sending them. They are also versatile, giving the recipient the choice to buy a variety of items that they actually need. If they don’t want the gift card, they can sell it for cash, especially the types of gift cards in South Africa listed above.

Look no further if you’re looking for a suitable gift for your South African friend, family member, or colleague. Any of the top 10 gift card types above will suffice. Most of them can be purchased on Prestmit. Others can be bought from gift vendors in South Africa or directly from the brand website.