The gift card business is a lucrative one and it has come to stay, no matter what. Many gift users and non-gift card users who receive gift cards as gifts have all subscribed to selling their gift cards on platforms that offer good rates. Among the hundreds of gift cards being sold in Nigeria daily, the Best Buy gift card can not be ignored. The Best Buy gift card is one of the most expensive gift cards in Nigeria and this is why we have written this article to educate you on the fastest way you can sell your Best Buy to make some cool cash. 

Did I just say only cash, you can as well sell your Best Buy gift card for Bitcoin or USD very quickly.

What Is Best Buy Gift Card?

Best Buy Gift Cards are gift cards preloaded with money that can only be used to purchase commodities and services at the  Best Buy company in both their online and physical retail stores. It’s not enough that you can buy Best Buy gift cards online, but you can also buy an e-gift card online and have it e-mailed to anyone. The Best Buy gift comes as physical gift cards or e-gift cards and it does not expire.

What Is Best Buy Gift Card Used For?

Gift cards from Best Buy can be used to purchase items from Best Buy store. Buying a Best Buy gift card or gifting someone a Best Buy gift card gives easy access to begin shopping at the Best Buy store.

How To Exchange Best Buy Gift Card For Cash/Bitcoin In Nigeria 2022

Selling Best Buy gift cards in Nigeria for either cash or crypto is not rocket science at all. The service is provided by our platform very accurately and quickly, at the best rate too. Here is how to exchange your Best Buy gift card for cash or crypto;

  1. Create an account and log in 
  2. Select “Start Trade”
  3. Click “Sell Gift Card” and simply scroll down the page to fill in your Best Buy gift card details.
  4. Select “Category” 
  5. Select “GIFT CARD” This is where you will further specify that you have a Best Buy gift card. 
  6. Select “AMOUNT”: Enter the total amount of Best Buy gift cards you want to sell. The price of the gift card will be displayed in your chosen currency(Naira or Cedis) or dollars if you are selling for Bitcoin or USDT.   This is calculated by an automated rate calculator on our website and mobile app, according to the current rates 
  7. Upload File: Upload pictures of the Best Buy gift cards.
  8.  Select PAYOUT METHOD: Since you are selling the Best Buy gift cards for cash, just select Naira or Cedis or select Bitcoin or USDT if you’re trading for Crypto.

Endeavour to enter the payout address when you select either BITCOIN or USDT because this is where your payment will be sent when the trade is completed.

SEND DIRECTLY: Mark the checkbox that reads “Send Directly To My Bank Account” if you want the money to be sent to your bank account directly. Also, remember to select your preferred bank and bank details.

9. Finally, click “APPLY” and you would receive your payment in a few minutes. Very fast right? Trust me, this is the only way to sell your Best Buy gift cards as quickly as possible.

Rate Of Best Buy Gift Card In Nigeria 2022

The rate of gift cards are always fluctuating with time and it also applies to Best Buy gift card rates. Therefore, we can’t give you a fixed as that of Best Buy gift card, that would be unfair. However, the current price of a $100 Best Buy gift card is  N23,000 in Nigeria, according to our current rate