There is a growing interest in gift cards, which are prepaid cards that hold a real-time value that enables you to access products or services just as you would use credit/debit cards. While you can buy gaming gift cards to redeem them at their respective stores, do you know you can buy them for reselling purposes? Yes, reselling gift cards is a type of gift card trading that is one of the best ways to make money online. But you must know how to get cheap gaming gift cards to create a profitable reselling venture.

Understanding How Gift Card Resellers Work

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Gift card resellers often buy bulk gift cards from trading platforms or other retailers at a discount to the card’s face value and resell them to customers at a higher price. 

For instance, a card reseller can buy a gaming gift card like a $100 Steam gift card at $85 through peer-to-peer (P2P) trading and resell at a higher price to make a profit. It can also be the case of bulk purchases to get a discount for each card.

There may even be instances where reseller buys multiple gaming gift cards from various retailers. For example, they can purchase various values of Steam gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Xbox gift cards, etc., at once and resell them to individual users at their best prices.

Where To Get Cheap Gaming Gift Card For Resellers

There are different platforms on which you can buy gift cards, but P2P platforms are where resellers can buy gift cards, especially in bulk. But it still begs the question of whether you can get the cards cheaply to save and make money. This is why you must have negotiating skills when purchasing from a seller on P2P – which is to ensure you’re buying low for the goal of selling high.

However, if you have safety and security concerns when gift card scams are rising, you can consider getting cards on Prestmit. Although this is an over-the-counter (OTC) platform, Prestmit gives resellers the leverage to get cheap gaming gift cards at the best prices they can not see elsewhere. 

In addition, Prestmit has a large catalog of gift cards that enables resellers to set up a business selling cards to end users, including gift card API that allows resellers to integrate Prestmit’s gift card trading tools into their websites to start gift card trading.

How Resellers Can Buy Cheap Gaming Gift Cards On Prestmit

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Here are the quick steps to start buying cheap gift cards on Prestmit:

  • Visit the official Prestmit website or download the Prestmit app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Create a Prestmit account and log in.
  • Click “Gift Cards” and choose “Buy Gift Cards.”
  • Choose your preferred country with its fiat currency – for instance, USD for the United States and CAD for Canada.
  • Select your preferred gaming gift card and enter the amount.
  • Choose the card quantity you want to purchase and “Continue.”
  • Select your preferred payment method to complete the purchase.
  • You will receive your gift cards in your email immediately after confirming your transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Get Cheap Gift Card

Where Can I Get Cheap Gaming Gift Cards To Resell?

You can get cheap gaming gift cards from P2P platforms or via offline direct trading. But you can also use Prestmit to buy gift cards to resell while you make profits.

Is Reselling Gift Cards Profitable?

Making profits is the hallmark of reselling gift cards. As such, there is an opportunity to have profitable gift card trading when you get cheap gift cards on a platform such as Prestmit and resell them. Remember that you can also sell your gift cards on Prestmit, making it a hub for your gift card business.

Can I Buy Cheap Gaming Gift Cards To Resell?

Yes, you can buy gaming cards like Steam gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Xbox gift cards, etc., to resell them to end users or trading platforms.


It is not an uphill task to get cheap gift cards for resellers. As this is a lucrative way to make money in this digital age, you need to understand how reselling works, including where and how to buy gift cards, as highlighted in this article.

However, it is important to trade popular gift cards as you can get them cheaply on a platform like Prestmit to make gains.