Do you believe swapping gift cards is difficult? You might want to try looking at things from a different perspective, it might be a lot easier than you think. 

Have you ever thought of trading your gift cards for instant cash, especially in our dear Ghana? 

I don’t mean the type that takes 4-5days to reflect in your bank account but instant payments that takes less than 5 minutes. 

It is true that gift cards have become very common among folks that many people look out for places or online platforms to exchange their gift cards for some cash or crypto but only a few fractions of these people are informed of the right place to carry out this transaction.

People want to sell gift cards for Cedis, but they run into a variety of issues while using exchange apps and websites.

This article is constructed to guide you on how you can redeem your gift card for instant Cedis in Ghana, the right platform to use and more relevant information you may need. So, if you want to know more about this, ride through with me.

How To Buy Gift Cards In Ghana

There are numerous types of gift cards in existence, depending on your choice, you can buy any gift card from any location in Ghana.

However, not all gift card retailers sell physical gift cards, this means that the ideal choice of gift card for most people is the E-codes gift card format.

Since the world is headed towards a completely digital one, people can buy any type of gift card online and get the code with which it will be redeemed, instantly.

There are very popular e-commerce platforms where you can buy many types of gift cards online. A good example is Amazon. Even though Amazon is an e-commerce platform that sells a variety of products, including Amazon gift cards, Amazon still markets gift cards from many other retailers.

Buying your gift cards from the Amazon store is a good way to purchase gift cards in Ghana.

Best App To Redeem Gift Cards In Ghana

When it comes trading gift cards, one major problem Ghanaians face is the ability to discern which app is best for them and how to properly utilize the app.

Many have fallen victims to some scammers running some dubious apps while some are saddened by the low rates they get from their rather legit apps.

Presently, there’s no better app in Ghana for gift cards to cash exchange than the Prestmit app.

Prestmit is a unique app that offers everything you need for a smooth and successful trade. In Ghana, this platform provides a competitive rate for all digital assets including crypto. It is not just limited to trading gift cards for Cedis, you can also trade for Bitcon, USDT and the Nigerian Naira. 

It is accessible for Android and Apple users as a web version and an app.

Features Of the Prestmit App

1. High Rates: 

One major thing people look out for in trades is their own gain from such transactions. Prestmit believes in fairness, such that the rate of gift card exchange on Prestmit is higher than all major competitors in Ghana and beyond.

2. Security: 

Prestmit is a very secure app that is cyber attack-proof. Security of information and digital assets is for sure, the app is also void of unnecessary bugs which may distract users.

3. Instant Payment:

Payment for successfully traded gift cards on Prestmit is instant. Prestmit allows users to request a withdrawal and receive funds in less than five minutes. When it comes to gift card trading, Prestmit is a flexible app to use. 

4. Good User Experience and Interface:

The Prestmit app has a user-friendly nature, it is quite easy to navigate and trade with. You do not need a second eye before you can start trading on the app.

5. Multiple Payment Options:

Prestmit does not restrict Gift Card traders to accepting only one type of payment. Prestmit app users can be paid for their gift cards with cash transfers (Naira and Cedis), Bitcoin, or USDT. 

6. Live Chat:

All complaints and reviews aired on the live chat feature of the app are swiftly taken care of by the customer service representatives. 

Have an issue with your trade? The live chat button is just a click away.

How To Redeem Gift Card For Instant Cash In Ghana

Having been introduced to the best app that gives you back the exact value of your gift cards in Cedis, it’s time to show you how to swiftly redeem those gift cards for Cedis without any story or problem. The Prestmit app is so easy to use and remember that payment is instant.

To redeem the gift card for cash in Ghana, you just have to do the following;

  1. Firstly, create an account and log in.
  2. Click on “Start Trade”
  3. Select ” Sell Gift Card” and scroll down the page to fill in the details.
  4. Select “Category” and further select the type of gift card.
  5. Select “GIFT CARD”: This is where you will further specify the type of gift card you want to sell. 
  6. Enter the “AMOUNT”: Enter the total amount of gift cards you want to sell. 
  7. Upload File: This field is meant for uploading pictures of the gift cards if you have them in physical form but ignores this if you have the E-code format. Simply type the codes in the comment section.
  8. Select PAYOUT METHOD: since you are trading gift cards for Ghanaian Cedis, just select ” Cedis
  9. Finally, click “SUBMIT” and your payment will be made in a few minutes.


All having been said, I am sure by now, you must have understood how you can easily trade your gift cards for Cedis and the right platform to choose for that.

It is not necessary to get doubtful while trading with a legit platform like Prestmit. 

Prestmit has changed the narrative of gift card and crypto trading in Africa and this is just the tip of what you’ll experience when you get hands on the app.

Simply download Prestmit app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, create your account and enjoy.