Gift cards have become a global phenomenon over the years because of their indispensable attributes that have continued to be revolutionary in how people use them. But these cards are in their thousands, as even some are peculiar to a region. Hence, you may need to understand the gift cards in Venezuela in this context.

While we know that gift cards are a big deal today, with the fast-paced growth of technology that makes life convenient, people are thronging to use gift cards for different purposes. This is not common only in the United States or Europe. The use of gift cards is encompassing, as are the benefits it offers in every country.

To this end, this article highlights the variety of gift cards in Venezuela to give you an overview of their usefulness.

Understanding Gift Cards In Venezuela

Broadly, a gift card is a prepaid card of stored value that you can use to purchase products at stores. In other words, a gift card is a payment option that enables you to buy products at a designated store that issues the card.

This means you can only use a particular card at a particular store and not every store. This is what makes gift cards a special asset on its right.

Notably, gift cards exist in physical and digital forms. You can redeem at physical or online stores for your preferred product. The cards are also in varying denominations, allowing you to buy products according to the card’s value.

Like other countries, Venezuela has both generic and specific gift cards available. However, the card you choose depends on the goal you want to achieve while using the card. As such, while there is a range of gift cards in Venezuela, each is tailored for a purpose.

Moreover, it is common knowledge that gift cards are digital assets of real-time value. This narrative is also valid in Venezuela, which has helped to grow the popularity of gift cards.

Today, while gift cards are seen as a better option than regular gifts, some people use them as a payment option. But this is not prevalent in Venezuela.

Due to the economic challenges, the country is facing, a preponderance of Venezuelans prefer cash transactions and other alternative forms of exchange.

Despite the economic downturn in the country, there is still an opportunity for Venezuelans to buy gift cards from local stores to help grow their business. There are also international stores that have their cards available in the country.

If you reside in Venezuela or plan to visit the country, you can be sure of getting a card to assume the convenience you need in having a gift card than holding cash.

Types Of Gift Cards In Venezuela

As mentioned earlier, different gift cards in Venezuela serve distinct purposes as you desire. So let’s take a look at these cards.

  1. Retail Store Gift Cards

Retail store gift cards are Venezuela’s most common type of gift card. You can get these cards at various stores and use them to buy any product of the same value or less than the gift card’s balance. For shopping enthusiasts, this is the best gift card for you.

At these stores, you can use retail store gift cards to buy products like electronics, home appliances, clothing, shoes, books, etc. These cards are available in different denominations that range between 50 bolivars and 1,000 bolivars.

In addition, you can preload these gift cards with your preferred amount to enjoy the optimal benefits of the cards in terms of what they can afford you to buy.

Popular retail store gift cards in Venezuela are Sambil, MercadoLibre, and Farmatodo gift cards.

  1. Online Retailer Gift CardsGift cards in Venezuela

These gift cards function likely as retail store gift cards, but the only difference is where the cards are used. As the name implies, online retailers’ gift cards are the cards you can use to purchase on e-commerce platforms.

You can use these cards to buy either physical or digital products for your consumption. This is why they exist in both physical and digital forms. Examples of products that you can buy with the products are software, video games, books, home appliances, laptops, electronics, clothing, beauty products, etc.

Examples of online retailer gift cards in Venezuela are Amazon, MercadoLibre, and Sambil gift cards. These cards exist in physical and digital forms, making them ideal cards to give to loved ones. Also, they can be used outside Venezuela, unlike retail store gift cards.

  1. Entertainment And Dining Gift CardsGift cards in Venezuela

These gift cards are the best for lovers of music and movies and those enthused with special cuisines at restaurants. You can imagine giving this type of card to a loved one on their special day, like a birthday. You will surely earn a good appreciation and satisfaction from the recipient.

While there are entertainment gift cards, dining gift cards are also available in Venezuela. They are with varying denominations ranging from 20 bolivars to 1,000 bolivars. Therefore, you can use these cards are restaurants and movie theatres in the country.

Notable of them is the Cines Unidos, which is one of the biggest theatre chains in Venezuela.

Examples of these gift cards in Venezuela are Sambil gift cards and Cines Unidos gift cards.

Benefits Of Using Gift Cards In Venezuela

  1. Convenience

Gift cards enable you to shop anytime and anywhere you are in Venezuela. This is better than holding cash, and you do not have the luxury of time to go to physical stores. You can redeem your gift card on the store’s online platform, and you will directly make payment for your product without a glitch.

For instance, you can use the Sambil gift card online and in physical stores to purchase your preferred products anytime.

  1. Opportunities For Discounts And Promotions

A discount is attached to most gift cards to encourage people to use the cards to promote the brand that issues the gift card. This is a marketing strategy by most gift card issuers. Therefore, you can stand the chance of buying products at discounted prices when you use gift cards.

This is a benefit that is not open to customers paying with cash.

  1. Safe From Currency Exchange Issues

Gift cards often provide measures against currency exchange issues as the cards are primarily in Venezuelan currency, bolivars. So you do not need to convert currency when you use the card in Venezuela. Also, people going to the country can buy cards in Venezuela in its local currency.

You may consider buying gift cards online at Prestmit at the best prices.

How To Purchase And Use Gift Cards In Venezuela

You can buy gift cards in Venezuela through two different methods: online and offline.

  1. How To Buy Gift Cards Online

The major gift card you can buy online in Venezuela is the Amazon gift card. You can start by creating an Amazon account and choosing the Amazon gift card option. Choose your preferred amount of Amazon gift card and make payment using a credit card or bank transfer. You will receive your card via mail.

  1. How To Buy Gift Cards Offline

You can walk into any physical store that issues gift cards in Venezuela to buy your gift cards, which are available in different denominations. These stores are Farmatodo and Sambil.

How To Redeem Gift Cards

You can redeem your gift cards at stores that support the cards as a payment method. For instance, you can only redeem your Amazon gift card for your preferred product(s) on the Amazon store. This is similar to using your Samibil and MercadoLibre gift cards.

You can use these cards by going to the platform you want to redeem them. You will be required to enter the PIN details of the cards.

Moreover, this is the same process for redeeming other local cards in their retail stores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are The Types Of Gift Cards In Venezuela?

There are different types of Venezuelan gift cards. They are available for shopping, entertainment, and dining. So you can get a gift card for any of these purposes in Venezuela.

While there are local gift cards in the country, there are also international gift cards, notable of which are Amazon gift cards. Other gift cards available in Venezuela are Sambil gift cards, MercadoLibre gift cards, Cines Unidos gift cards, and Famatodos gift cards.

How Can I Buy A Gift Card In Venezuela?

You can buy gift cards from the website or in-store of the brand that issues the card. Different retail stores sell these cards: Sambil, Famatodos, and Cines Unidos. Also, there are gift card trading platforms or physical stores that are third-party sellers of these gift cards.

What Can I Buy With Gift Cards In Venezuela?

You can use your gift card to buy the products sold by the brand that issues the card. This means that there is almost no product you can not use your gift card to buy in Venezuela.

It largely depends on the type of card you have and its denomination. As Sambil gift cards are for electronics, home appliances, restaurants, etc., Famatodos gift cards are for pharmaceutical products.


Gift cards are designed to make shopping convenient as they continue to be a viable payment option as the best alternative to cash. This is because these cards are in real-time value while offering discounts to their users at designated stores. This is similar to how they are being used in Venezuela.

However, it is important to know the various gift cards in the country and the stores from which you can buy them to understand the best-fit card for your demand.