The world has become more of a global village. It’s now easier to access products and services from local and international brands regardless of where you are. Many people use gift cards for shopping and gifting for this purpose. Sometimes, you may receive a gift card you don’t want or can’t use, and the reasonable thing to do is to trade it for cash, crypto, or another gift card. That’s where gift card trading apps come in. Considering the digital trading ecosystem is saturated with apps like this, its important to be able to decipher the best gift card trading app for iOS users.

Gift card trading apps have risen in popularity among iOS users and their Android counterparts. This can be attributed to the need for ease of access. Using a browser to conduct a buying or selling transaction is tiring, especially if you’re just learning how to make money with gift card trading.

In this article, we’ll disclose the best gift card trading app for iOS users on the App Store. But what are these apps exactly, and what are their functions?

Overview of Gift Card Trading Apps

The term is self-explanatory. Gift card trading apps are applications created by different platforms to enable users to trade gift cards right on their mobile devices. On most of these apps, you can buy and sell gift cards with various payment methods, depending on the platform.

Presently, almost every service platform has an app. Mobile applications make it easier to carry out certain actions on the go. The advantage apps have over desktop extensions or websites is that you can access most or all the platform functions anywhere and anytime.

Several gift card trading apps are scattered across the Apple App Store, but it’s smart to go for the best to ensure a smooth experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gift Card App for Your iOS Device

The best gift card trading apps for iOS users satisfy certain criteria. You should consider the following factors to ensure you’re picking the best app to trade gift cards on iOS.

1. User Interface/Experience

It goes without saying that the simpler an application is, the better. You want to use an app you can easily navigate. It’s off-putting to have to google how to carry out even the most basic actions on an app. Do yourself a world of good by choosing an app with a simple layout.

2. Security

This should be one of the top features of any app you trade your gift cards on. Check that it has modern security models and that there’s some sort of multi-factor authentication to protect your account from hack attempts. Bonus points if you have to sign in with biometric data like face ID or fingerprint scans. The more robust the security, the better.

3. Available Gift Card Options

Why would anyone choose a gift card trading app that has limited options? Your preferred app should have a wide variety of gift cards from numerous brands. That way, you can sell or buy gift cards of any kind on the app.

Be sure the available options cover local and international gift card brands, especially the latter, since they’re widely recognised and acceptable.

4. Competitive Rates

There are myriad gift card trading apps on the App Store. One of the factors that should determine your choice is the platform’s rates. Obviously, you’d want to buy gift cards at the best prices and sell them at the best rates. So, compare rates and pick the app with the most enticing offers. Be careful not to go for apps that offer way below the market price; they might be a  den for scammers.

5. Compatibility with your iOS version

There’s a possibility that some gift card trading apps only work on devices from a particular iOS version. Check the app’s details before you download it unless you don’t mind using the website for every transaction you want to conduct.

What is the Best Gift Card Trading App for iOS Users?

The best gift card trading app for iOS users is Prestmit. There are other great options in the market, some of which you can use to trade your gift cards for cash for crypto. They include, Cardtonic, GiftPocket, and GiftGranny. However, the overall best is Prestmit.

Prestmit – Best Gift Card Application for iOS

prestmit website

Prestmit is a leading digital trading platform specializing in gift cards and crypto trades. It has the best user interface among apps on the App Store. The app is built with an impenetrable security model that makes hacking difficult. With features like 2FA and biometric login, users can rest in knowing that their accounts are safe.

Users can be anywhere in the world. Payment is not a barrier as you can pay with Bitcoin or USDT if your local currency is not Naira or Cedis.

Additionally, Prestmit has more than 1,000 different gift cards in its catalog. You’ll be able to easily sell or buy popular and even unpopular gift cards at the best rates on the app. The app has a 4.2 rating.

Gift card traders prefer Prestmit because you can trade your gift card in a simplified, secure, and profitable manner.

Download Prestmit app on AppStore to get started.


Gift card trading apps have become increasingly popular because of the proliferation of gift card use. Many individuals send and receive gift cards, sometimes unwanted ones. Platforms like these and their apps provide a solution for both sides of the coin. Among the several options, the best gift card trading app for iOS users is Prestmit. It brings simplicity, security, speed, and enticing rates in one compact mix.

You can explore similar apps, but ensure they have a friendly user interface, solid security, myriad gift card options, and competitive rates. You can judge the reliability of an app by perusing the reviews and ratings. Take the time to research an app before you use it.