Steam is a platform that permits you to purchase gift cards, but before this card can be used, you will need to activate it with a code first. Redeeming these codes in the Steam Store will add the monetary value of the card to your Steam Wallet, which you can then use to buy games.

Steam also allows users to activate games through the game code and this will automatically add that specific game to their library. Activating the steam gift code is done through the Steam Store.

Steam gift cards are in form of preloaded digital currencies, and when redeemed on the Steam platform, they can be used to purchase games and downloadable content. 

Steam gift cards are recognized globally and they can be bought from various retailers. They come in two major forms; Physical & E-code. The denominations of this card vary and range from, $50,$100,$200, and so on.

How To Activate A Steam Gift Code

  1. Visit this page on the Steam website, and log in to the account you want to activate the code for.
  2. In the box on the page, type in the code from your gift card, or copy and paste it into the box if you received it in digital format.
  3. Wait for Steam  to verify the code which will take a moment, and once it does, the value of the gift card will be added to your Steam wallet.

Now when you want to buy a game, you’ll be able to choose Steam Wallet as your payment method, and use this money to pay for games.