A gift card is a great way to give someone a present they can choose for themselves. You could argue that the most acceptable gift you can offer somebody is the ability to decide for yourself. With so many alternatives accessible these days, it is no surprise that gamers have more options than ever before.

It might not be easy to shop for a gamer, so gift cards for games are fantastic ideas. But what constitutes a decent gaming gift card? This article aims to explore different gaming gift cards and game-specific gift cards.

Types Of Gaming Gift Cards

1. Game-Specific Gift Cards

When you buy a gift card for a specific game, the recipient can only choose that game. Because they only work for one game, game-specific cards are best for someone who knows what he wants. For example, if you know your friend wants The Witcher 3, then a gift card for that game is a great choice.

2. Platform-Specific Gift Cards

A platform-specific gaming gift card lets the recipient choose from all available games displayed on the gaming platform. A platform-specific gift card is great for someone who already knows what game he wants to play, but it is not always feasible to know ahead of time what your favourite games will be.

3. Console Gaming Gift Cards

Gift cards for console games function similarly to game-specific cards. However, the recipient may use them to purchase content on any console. For gamers who have everything but don’t want to settle for just one game, a gift of a console game is a kind gesture because of the high price of individual games. Official alternatives include Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3DS.

4. Mobile Gaming Gift Cards

Mobile game gift cards, like those for consoles, provide the recipient access to the whole library of games designed for that system. If you want to give your gamer some leeway in the game he wants to buy, we think mobile gaming cards work best in conjunction with game-specific or console-gaming cards. If the recipient is an avid mobile gamer, you may get them a Google Play gift card or an Apple iTunes gift card.

Best Gaming Gift Cards

1. PlayStation Network Gift Card

PlayStation gift cards, which are pre-paid credit cards for purchases on the PlayStation Network, are one of the best gifts for gamers who have a PS4 or PS5. You can buy them at stores like GameStop and Walmart, online, or on your phone through a mobile carrier.

The PlayStation Network gift card is a popular gift card option. It is not only for playing games; you can use the card to rent or buy PlayStation movies and TV episodes or subscribe to PlayStation services.

A PlayStation Network gift card is the most incredible gift card for gamers since you can use it to purchase any PlayStation-exclusive games or downloadable content.

2. Xbox Live Gift Card

One of the most popular gamer gifts for Xbox console owners is the Xbox Live gift card. With an Xbox Live gift card, you can give a friend or family member the chance to play games online and get free bonuses while they do it.

The Xbox Live gift card is an excellent gift for anybody who enjoys gaming, particularly on Xbox systems. Next-generation gaming has begun with the arrival of the Xbox Series X/S, and you don’t want to miss out on what they have in store for you. Your gaming experience is going to get more immersive.

Microsoft, the maker of Xbox, is a well-known and well-liked corporation worldwide. We look forward to what they will bring to the table regarding video gaming as they continue to extend their capabilities and services to the market.

3. Steam Gift Card

One of the most recent additions to the Steam platform was Steam Wallet, a method for purchasing games and other digital downloads. A $20 card will offer you $20 to spend on all of your games on Steam, which is a terrific way to purchase high-quality PC games at a discount.

If you use a PC, getting a Steam gift card would be the best thing you could buy. You would be able to play any of Steam’s many games, which is a PC gamer’s dream come true.

Games aren’t the only thing Steam has to offer, of course. The platform has lots of different kinds of software and a user market. It is a treasure among gamers because it’s a platform with many uses and sound design.

4. Razer Gold

Razer is one of the most popular brands of gaming accessories, and its Gold line enables gamers to customise their setup and show their personality while they play. The online gaming gift card is the size of a credit card and is valid on all platforms, including PC, consoles, smartphones, tablets, and Mac.

Gamers can use the Razer Gold Pin online as an alternative way to buy their favourite games or buy in-game items or currencies. Using Razer Gold to pay for things is easy and safe, and the best part is that you get rewards when you use it online.

You will get Razer Silver for every purchase you make, and as you get more Razer Silver, you’ll be able to get discounts, coupons, and Razer hardware.

5. Openbucks Card

One of Paysafe Group’s payment options is the Openbucks card, which lets gamers pay for skins and other things on over 2,000 gaming platforms. By the way, there is no expiration date on this card.

The Openbucks gift card is a great gift card for online shopping. It is also safer because you will not be required to provide personal or banking information when shopping. The platform itself has excellent security mechanisms in place to guarantee that users have a safe and secure experience.

Top Game-Specific Gift Cards

So many great games are available now that it is hard to pick just one. Game-specific gift cards are the best option for buying a gift card for a gamer. Whether they like PC, PS4/5, or Xbox games, here are some of our favourites:

1. Minecraft

In an online world dominated by bricks, you would think it is not easy to discover a new method to purchase Minecraft gift cards. You’d be mistaken: there are a plethora of fantastic gift card alternatives available, including physical Minecraft cards as well as digital gift cards that you can use on any platform. Any gamer would appreciate one of these great presents.

2. World of Tanks

You may redeem World of Tanks gift cards for in-game bonuses like premium account status, virtual items, and even gold bullion. The best news is that you won’t have to take a second mortgage on your home to obtain one. These cards are presently available in GameStop locations across North America, as well as online through the company’s website (exclusively for US residents).

3. League of Legends

League of Legends is one of those games that keeps getting better and giving its players new things to learn even after it came out. LoL just announced a new game version, including one of the most-requested features: a new map. League of Legends is getting new characters, environments, and many more soon, so LoL gift cards are an excellent gift for any player.


Before buying gamer gift cards, you should know a few basic things about game systems. So, you can be sure that whoever gets your gift will like it.