visa gift cards on amazonIn 1994, Jeff Bezos started from his garage as an online book store before the company diversified into selling more products. Fast forward to 2022, is the number one online retailer of all kinds of legal products. They have spread their financially stable tentacles into fields like entertainment, cloud computing, A. I etc. This is why everybody wants to have a taste of what they have to offer including Visa gift cardholders. It’s a common occurrence for consumers to ask every now and then if accepts Visa gift cards as payment. In this article your curiosity will be satisfied, so sit back, relax and read on.

Visa inc. is an American company that is in the business of enabling safe digital money transfers through payment cards. The company’s payment cards are widely accepted and they include debit, credit and other prepaid cards like Visa gift cards. Our focus is on the Visa gift card so let’s have a better understanding of what they are.

What are Visa Gift Cards Used For?

visa gift card for paymentVisa gift cards are prepaid cards with a certain amount of money loaded on them in order for the holder to make payments at merchants that accept Visa. Unlike the company’s other types of payment cards, they can’t be used to withdraw cash or be reloaded.

They are mostly used to redeem items from merchants but they can also be used to redeem cash and crypto. This can be done on gift card exchange platforms. and Visa Gift Cards: How Compatible Are They?

Amazon gift cards are basically the only gift cards accepted on the platform. However, with a bit of manipulation, you can use your Visa gift card on the platform.

Before you do this though, there are a few things that must be put in place and they include:

  • Visa Gift Card Activation

Normally this should have been done when the card was purchased. If you are in doubt you can call the customer service number at the back of the card to be sure.

  • Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

It’s necessary to check your Visa gift card balance before embarking on this journey because you might need it along the line.

How to Manipulate Your Visa Gift Card on

The trick here is to manipulate the platform into believing that your Visa gift card is a debit card.

Here is how you can achieve it;

Sign in to Your Account on
Click on “ADD GIFT CARD TO YOUR BALANCE” which can be found around the Amazon Pay option.
Pick “ADD MONEY TO BALANCE” when asked to pick between that or Gift Card.
You should be on the Payment Method Page by now. Look for “MORE WAYS TO PAY”, here you will add your card details which include the card number, name and expiration date.
Feel free to add your address when requested. Your location doesn’t affect anything.
Your Visa gift card will then be seen as a debit card to be used whenever you like.

So there you have it, the hack to using your Visa gift card on The ball is now in your court.