Do you want to access a product or service on Amazon but don’t have enough funds on your credit or debit card? Interestingly, many people do not know they can combine multiple Visa gift cards on Amazon. That is why this article will be helpful if you have a few gift cards that you want to use to complete a purchase at the store.

Overview Of Using Visa Gift Cards On Amazon

Multiple Visa gift cards on Amazon

Amazon is currently the world’s largest e-commerce platform, home to almost anything you want to buy. Some of the products available in this store include fashion products, gaming accessories, books, audio, video, laptops, mobile phones, beauty products, etc.

While you can use an Amazon gift card, which is the native gift card of Amazon, to purchase products or services, you can also use Visa gift cards as a means of payment at checkout. This process is similar to using AMEX gift cards on Amazon. Visa cards exist in physical and digital forms, with denominations ranging from $25 to $500.

Talk about using multiple Visa gift cards on Amazon – you can only use one gift card per payment in the store, meaning that you must choose one card for every transaction. Therefore, if your Visa gift card balance is insufficient to cover the total cost of your purchase, you can still use it as a partial payment method.

However, you must provide another payment method, where adding another Visa card comes in place for the remaining balance.

How does using multiple Visa cards work? Let’s take, for instance, that you are buying a product valued at $200 on Amazon, and you have two $50 Visa gift cards and a $100 Visa card; you can add these three cards to your Amazon balance to complete your purchase.

How To Combine Multiple Visa Gift Cards On Amazon

Here are the steps to add Visa gift cards on Amazon:

  • Visit the official Amazon website and log into your account.
  • Click “Your Account” and navigate to “Payment options.”
  • Choose “Add a Debit or Credit Card” and add each Visa gift card separately.
  • Enter the card details for each Visa gift card you want to add.
  • You can use the Visa gift cards like any other payment method once you have added them to your payment option.

Benefits Of Combining Multiple Visa Gift Cards On Amazon

1. Optimizes Visa Card Balances

You can fully use the funds on every card if you have Visa gift cards with different balances. This way, you will not leave any small balances behind or the Visa card unused. Remember that Visa cards expire after seven years of purchase.

2. Budgeting

Combining your Visa gift cards enables you to allocate each card balance to access a specific product or service on Amazon. For instance, if you have Visa cards in the denominations of $25, $50, and $100, you can use the $25 card to purchase shoes, $50 to buy books, and $100 to purchase electronics.

Therefore, spending the card on the store is the prerogative of your budgeting to get the best value for them. It will also enable you to track your spending.

3. Flexible Payment

Visa gift cards give you versatility during checkout on Amazon. This is important in the case of having insufficient funds on a single card – you can resort to using other Visa cards you’ve added to complete the purchase.

4. Great Purchase Experience

The combination of Visa gift cards affords you access to a broad selection of products and services on Amazon. This is because the addition of these cards increases your Amazon balance, which could enable you to get your preference on the store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Multiple Visa Gift Cards On Amazon

Can I Use Multiple Visa Gift Cards On Amazon?

Yes, you can use Visa cards on Amazon. This can be achieved by entering the details of each card to add to your balance in the store.

Why Can’t I Use Visa Gift Card On Amazon?

You may not be able to use a Visa gift card in the store if you have an insufficient card balance or have entered the wrong details. Therefore, you can encounter possible Visa gift card errors when adding the card.

Can I Combine Two Visa Gift Card Balances Into One Gift Card?

No, you can not combine the balances of Visa gift cards into a single card balance. But you can use multiple Visa gift cards to complete a single purchase.


Visa gift cards provide a flexible and convenient way to access products or services on Amazon. While you can use a single Visa card on this platform, you can also combine multiple cards to increase your purchase experience on the e-commerce platform. This enables you to control your spending and optimize the card balances without wasting them.