The word “cheap” is generally relative, that is to say, people view this concept differently. According to the English dictionary definition of the word ‘cheap”, it simply means lowness of price. So if we can rephrase this title, we can say ” Is a $50 Amex Gift Card low in price?

What could cause one to ask this question? There are lots of reasons that can prompt this question, which includes the status quo of the Amex Gift Card recipient, budget and most importantly, the redemption rate. However, it is not in our interest to bother about why people ask this question. Our main concern is to find out if a $50 Amex Gift Card is too cheap.


What Is an Amex Gift Card

American Express Gift Card, popularly called Amex Gift Card for short, is a prepaid gift card that has been preloaded with a specific amount of United States Dollars. They are commonly accepted in many retail stores, hotels, supermarkets like ShopRite, Walmart and restaurants in the US and many other countries of the world. 

Just like normal gift cards, Amex Gift Card can be a plastic card delivered to the mailing address or the e-Gift Card which can only be accessed on the email address online. They are sold in different monetary denominations like $50,$100, $200

Above all, Amex Gift Card can be converted into cash, Bitcoin, and USDT here. So nothing is ever wasted on the Amex Gift Card.

Is a $50 Amex Gift Card Too Cheap?

As earlier said in the first section, people’s perspective of the word “cheap” is different. While Mr Bush may consider a $50 Amex Gift Card too cheap, Mr Powell may see buying a $50 Amex Gift Card as buying a fortune.

However, a $50 Amex Gift Card is not too cheap, after all, many participants in a recent survey acknowledged that a $25 gift card is the average birthday gift card.

To analyse this further, let us consider the current rate of a $50 Amex Gift Card in our local currency. The $50 Amex Gift Card currently exchanges for N10,000 at Prestmit at the rate of 200. This is will give you a clear relative answer to this question. Is N10,000 too cheap in Nigeria today or not? Personally, this is a huge sum of money, hence, I can’t say that a $50 Amex Gift Card is too cheap.

How To Buy American Express Gift Card Online

Buying American Express Gift Card may be the simplest thing to do. You just have to pay attention to the steps below;

  1. Locate  the  gift card page on the  American Express website 
  2.  Choose the type of gift card you want to buy from a list of gift cards available. 
  3. Select the design you desire and the denomination you can afford.
  4. Choose between the plastic card(Mail delivery) and e-Gift card(Email delivery)
  5. Enter the card value, that is, the amount of money you want to load on the card.
  6. Choose how many cards you want to buy
  7. Select the customised message the card will bear or you can write a personal message on the card. 
  8. Write a gift message which would be communicated to the recipient, enter your name and the recipient’s name too.
  9. Select “Add to cart” and pay for the card using any acceptable payment method. Eg, a credit/debit card.