Gift cards are a digital asset that provides people access to various product offerings. That is why we have a great deal of gift cards serving purposes in different fields of endeavour. This means that there are cards for every class of interest. Be that as it may, you may need to know the best gift cards for video gamers.

Video gaming has been a popular hobby among young people for many years. This is due to the fun-fulling experience it brings with some adults relishing its memories to date.

However, the advent of this digital age has even increased the number of video gamers as different gaming platforms now issue online gaming gift cards to enable access to these games from anywhere across the world.

Therefore, here are the best gift cards for video gamers.

1. Steam Gift Cards

Best gift cards for video gamers


A Steam gift card is issued by Steam – an online gaming platform with over 50 million games and 120 monthly users. You can use this card to access many video games on the platform.

This card exists in physical and digital forms, with its denomination ranging from $5 to $100.

You can redeem a Steam gift card on the Steam store for your preferred video game, but this depends on the value of the card you are holding.

But while not everybody loves to play video games, you can choose to sell Steam gift card for cash as another viable alternative.

2. GameStop Gift Card

A GameStop gift card is a top card that provides gamers with almost everything they need for their gaming experience. You can get all these, from video games to gaming accessories and game consoles on GameStop.

This card is available in physical and digital forms, making the GameStop store a haven for video gamers.

The denomination of GameStop gift cards ranges from $10 to $500, enabling you to redeem your card in its store for a library of exciting games.

3. Razer Gold Gift Card

Best gift cards for video gamers

Razer Gold gift cards provide exclusive access for online and PC gamers. This card is in a way similar to the Steam gift card, as you can use it to buy games or gaming software in its store.

The purchase of this gift card offers value in combination with its credit, providing you with cashback to buy another card.

Razer Gold gift card is in the denomination of between $10 and $1,000, which you can customize to your preference. But you can also sell Razer Gold gift cards if you do not wish to redeem them in its store.

4. Xbox Gift Card

Best gift cards for video gamers


The Xbox gift card is popular among video gamers because it lets you play games online and earn some freebies.

You can redeem this card on the game console and the Microsoft Online Store. It is also possible to add an Xbox gift card to your Microsoft account to enable you to access movies, games, or other content on Microsoft.

Xbox gift card exists in physical and digital forms, with denominations ranging from $10 to $100. But you can customize the card with a value as high as $500.

5. Nintendo Gift Card

A Nintendo gift card gives you access to games on the Nintendo platform. Perhaps you may have at some point heard of Nintendo games when you were much younger.

Today, you can play these games with your Nintendo gift card when you redeem it on the Nintendo website or its eShop platform.

The eShop credit is available for the three major consoles – 3DS, the Switch, and Wii U- compatible with digital games and physical titles.

Nintendo gift cards are digital, with denominations available between $10 and $100.

6. PlayStation Gift Card

Best gift cards for video gamers


PlayStation (PS) is not a new video game for gaming enthusiasts, especially males. This is because we are familiar with the editions of PlayStation – which are from PS1 to PS5.

As such, you can use the PlayStation gift card to access games on the PlayStation Network.

The card exists in physical and digital forms; its denominations are between $10 and $100. So, while you can redeem this card on the PlayStation Network platform, you can also sell it for cash.

7. Roblox Gift Card

Roblox gift cards have gained huge traction among video gamers. This is due to the high value it provides to online PC gaming.

This card is issued by Roblox – an online gaming platform that enables gamers to communicate and connect while playing games with other users.

Therefore, you can use the Roblox gift card to buy games, game currency, and other game accessories on Roblox.

This is a digital card, and its denomination ranges from $10 to $200, with the ability to choose your preferred designs based on experiences and characters.

8. Blizzard Gift Card

Best gift cards for video gamers


A Blizzard gift card provides its users with access to many video gaming content available for the Blizzard game. This could be World of Warcraft, Overwatch, or Diablo.

The denomination of this card is between $20 and $100, enabling you to buy video games within the card value you hold.

For instance, you can get the Blizzard Battlenet Pack cards at $100, which provides an online gaming experience.

9. Multi Game Card

This card is ideal for highly enthusiastic people about playing video games. A Multi Game card is available from Amazon and GameStop, enabling gamers to choose their preferred game to buy and enjoy.

Broadly, the Multi Game card provides a simple and convenient way to buy virtual items and currency for various online games.

This digital card is available in denominations between $5 and $100.

10. OBucks Gift Card

The Openbucks (OBucks) gift card is a digital prepaid card issued by the Openbucks Corporation. This card is widely used to access video games on over 2,000 gaming platforms.

Therefore, you can redeem your OBucks gift cards for thousands of games. This makes it a payment option on several gaming websites.

The denomination of OBucks gift cards ranges from $10 and $250, and it does not expire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Video Game Gift Cards Used For?

Video game gift cards can be used to buy video games and pay for gaming subscriptions. These cards also enable in-game purchases.

Is Steam Card A Video Game Gift Card?

Yes, a Steam gift card is used for video games. This card enables you to buy and download thousands of video games on Steam.

But you can also use the Steam card to buy gaming software and other entertainment content on the platform.

What Is The Best Video Game Gift Card?

Many cards are on the list of the best video game gift cards. As such, the best card depends on personal preferred video game cards.

The gift cards highlighted above are the best video game gift cards you can explore.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards For Video Gamers?

I recommend Prestmit as the best place to buy gift cards for video gamers. This is due to the best card prices, instant transactions, security, and other innovative features that this platform offers.

Some of the gift cards video gamers can find on Prestmit are PlayStation gift cards, Xbox gift cards, etc.

What Gift Cards Do PC Players Use?

Some of the gift cards that PC players usually use are Razer Gold gift cards, Roblox gift cards, Xbox gift cards, and Steam cards.


We can not overemphasize the momentum that video games are gaining among younger people to keep their minds active. But gone are the days of being unable to access certain games because of geographical or currency restrictions.

You can use video game gift cards to buy and play these games to your best experience. However, knowing the purpose and types of games these cards provide is important before getting them.