The Google Play Store has grown to become a very significant part of our lives, especially the Android device users. Everything we do on our device, from movies, apps, books and music can all be accessed from the Google Play Store. To be able to download or purchase these content, you need a Google Play Gift Card which, if redeemed on the Google Play Store, the credit value of the card would give you the access to buy the digital content displayed on Google Play Store.

The importance of the Google Play Store and Google Play Gift Card can never be overemphasized, this is why it is always advisable for every Android device user  to buy and use a Google Play Gift Card.

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What is Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift Card is a card  prepaid with a certain money value that can be used to purchase digital content  on mobile devices, especially Android devices. These gift cards give people access to the Google Play store and allow them to purchase any digital content they want, ranging from music, movies, apps, magazines and E-books.

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Advantages of Google Play Gift Card To You

You can’t just purchase Google Play Gift Card and keep it under your box without any plan to use them now or later. In essence, there is a reason why you need to purchase or use  Google Play Gift Card anf here are some;

1. Always Available:

Google Play is available in almost every country of the world. Though the content and products on the Google Play Store may vary across countries, there is always entertaining content for all. You can buy your Google Play Gift Card at any time from any location of the world. 

2. E-mail Delivery That is Convenient:

Generally, Google Play Services offers a very convenient email delivery for all Google Play Gift Card purchased. Gift cards are delivered to the registered email within a few minutes of purchase. 

3. There is No Expiry Date:

Google Play Gift Cards do not expire because they are purchased from an authorized dealer, the gift card will not expire and you can use it whenever it is most valuable to you without having to worry about expiration.

4. Secure Transaction:

Every Google Play gift card purchased is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. Similarly, your personal and payment information are not stored on the retailer’s server and this is to make sure the transaction is secure.

5. Best Gifting Alternative:

Google Play Gift Cards can be presented as the best form of gift to the people you care about. Think about getting them a Google Play Gift Card which will give them full access to the Google Play Store instead of buying them random gifts they may not need.

How To Redeem Google Play Gift Card

Redeeming the Google Play Gift Card shouldn’t be a problem at all because it’s one of the simplest things to do. Here’s how it in both web browser and the Google Play Store.

Using The Web Browser In Your Device 

  1. Go to the Google Play Store page in your preferred browser.
  2. Enter your code and press the Redeem button.

From the Google Play Store application

  1. Select the Menu option.
  2. Tap the Redeem button.
  3. Enter your code and then click on the Redeem button.