The world is becoming more digital, people are also getting used to the digital setting, so things are changing. Remember when you had to go out to a shop to buy a movie or music disc, but today, this is an outdated practice. Almost everyone buys and downloads movies, music, apps, books online. Many big tech companies like Google have stepped up to make things easier by providing all these contents on the Google Play Store. Digital content like music, movies, apps etc is purchased on the Google Play Store using the Google Play Gift Card. This is why many Android users buy Google Play gift card, to partake in the benefits associated with them, especially the US Google Play gift card.

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What Is US Google Play Gift Card?

US Google Play gift card is simply a Google Play gift card that was bought in the United States that aids its users to purchase digital content for their Android devices. These gift cards give their recipients entry to the Google Play store and allow them to purchase anything they want, ranging from music, movies, apps, magazines and E-books.

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Six Reasons Why You Buy US Google Play Gift Card

1.  Cheap prices

You can find the same content being displayed on other countries’ Google Play Stores at much lower prices on the US store, therefore, a US gift card will help you pay less money and enjoy more of your money.

2. Safe Transaction

Every US Google Play gift card being purchased is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. Furthermore, your personal and payment information is never stored on the online gift card retailer’s servers, which makes the transaction a secure transaction every time.

3. Availability

Google Play is available in several countries but despite this, the Google Play Store in the United States is known to have the most downloadable content. Similarly, some of these products that are available in other countries’ Google Play Store are available at significantly lower prices on the Google Play Store in the United States.

4. Convenient Email delivery

A US Google Play Store gift card purchased from a reliable online retailer is one procured directly from the manufacturer and authorized distributors in the United States. The gift card will be digitally scanned using a high-resolution scanner after a simple online purchase and immediately delivered to the recipient via email,  and this is done within minutes of the purchase.

5. There is no Expiry Date

The gift card will not expire because it was purchased from an authorized dealer and you can use it whenever it is most convenient for you.

Gaining access to the Google Play Store in the United States allows you to download all of the content you require and desire for your mobile device without worrying about any expiry date.

6. No-hassle redemption

There are two precise methods for redeeming your gift card which are;

Using Your Web Browser In Your Device 

  1. Go to in your preferred browser.
  2. Enter your code and press the Redeem button.

From the Google Play Store application

  1. Select the Menu option.
  2. Tap the Redeem button.
  3. Enter your code and then click on the Redeem button.

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