It is almost impossible to shop without thinking about Walmart. All kinds of products are available at Walmart, ranging from food to electronics, from clothing to toys or furniture. And with the Walmart gift card, shopping got even better. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy shopping with the Walmart gift card, especially those in countries like Nigeria and Ghana, where using gift cards is yet to be accepted. For this single reason, cash is often the most preferred option. Hence, holders of the Walmart gift card opt for fast ways to convert Walmart gift cards to cash. However, other than selling it for cash, there is a trick to enjoying the worth of your card. This simple, yet potent trick is in exchanging it converting it to a digital asset. Sure, it doesn’t always have to be cash, not so? As opposed to how trading gift card was, nowadays, there are other better options to enjoy the value of your gift card. Selling your Walmart gift card for Bitcoin is a better option.

Sell Your Walmart Gift Card for Bitcoin

With the rise in the popularity and value of Bitcoin, a lot of people are seeking cheap ways to invest in the cryptocurrency, especially small investors who want to invest a little bit. If you have a Walmart gift card you don’t need but are looking to acquire this cryptocurrency, you can do this on trading platforms that allow this. There are some reputable platforms in Nigeria and Ghana where you can buy Bitcoin with gift cards. It is as easy as signing up on any of these platforms, or selling on a mobile app. Prestmit is an online platform that will help you get rid of the card and buy coins quite easily. There, you can sell all gift cards for cedis, naira, USDT, and bitcoin.  All that is required of you is to download their mobile app, create an account with them and sell off your Walmart gift card.

How To Convert Walmart Gift Card for Bitcoin On Prestmit

To convert Walmart gift card to Bitcoin, download the mobile app, create an account to get started or sign in if you already have one. If you just created an account, create address. Each user of that is platform is free to have a bitcoin address that is free.

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