The invention of financial technology has enabled a smooth and very fast transaction system, not just within us but also internationally. Thanks to the availability and diversity of gift cards on the market, giving a present is now easier than ever. Where else can you find the “ideal” gift ranging from $10 to $200 for everyone from a reclusive coworker to your child’s substitute math teacher to your spouse or close family member?

The appropriate gift card can go a long way toward establishing or reinforcing a relationship, as well as helping you stretch your vacation budget. Unfortunately, over $1 billion worth of these little plastic jewels goes unused every year, so knowing which ones to buy, give, and use when travelling overseas or mailing them internationally is critical.

Sephora is the largest store most popular for selling beauty, skincare products and hair products in the world. Given the high demand for these products in the world, especially among the ladies, Sephora had expanded over the years, with online and physical stores spattered all over the world. To ensure a more convenient payment system, and one void of any form of gift card fraud, Sephora sells Sephora Gift Cards to customers. 

This article highlights the meaning of Sephora Gift Cards, how it is purchased and other necessary 

What Is Sephora Gift Card

The Sephora Gift Card is the same as any other gift card you can imagine. It’s a prepaid card used to buy Sephora products like hair, body creams and perfumes, both online and in stores, and it’s largely offered by the Sephora company.

In the ideal sense, you can buy a Sephora Gift Card of any value for no additional costs and use it to make purchases instead of paying with your credit or debit card. Sephora Gift Cards are available in two types: Sephora Physical Cards, which are mailed to the registered address, and Sephora e-Gift Cards, which are emailed to the recipient.

Sephora Gift Cards are of different monetary denominations like $5, $10, $25 and $50.

Uses of Sephora Gift Card

If there is no need for Sephora Gift Cards, then there won’t be any Sephora Gift Card in the first place.

The Sephora Gift Card is mostly used to purchase skincare products, body treatments, hair, cosmetics kits, and other beauty products from the Sephora shop, both online and in person. If you have been looking out for a good store to buy these products, the Sephora store is your best shot and things will be even more possible 

Sephora Gift Cards function as a gift redemption code that may be used to redeem gifts at the Sephora shop when received as gifts from family and friends. The stress behind thinking about a good gift you can buy for the people you love is eliminated with just a kind gesture of gifting a Sephora Gift Card to them.

Even if you think you don’t need the Sephora Gift Card, selling them for cash or Bitcoin on a gift card trading platform is a good way to make some money. I will also tell you how you can sell Sephora Gift Card for cash or Bitcoin in those posts.

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Are Sephora Gift Cards Sold Internationally?

Yes, Sephora Gift Cards are sold internationally. You can get one in any country you find yourself in. However, this is very common with the Sephora E-Gift Card because you can purchase the gift card online and get your codes almost immediately. You can also get the Sephora Physical Gift Card in many places or stores in the world but due to shipping costs and price, they may not be available all the time and the demand for it are not always high. But where can you buy Sephora Gift Cards in Nigeria?

Where To Buy Sephora Gift Cards in Nigeria

Even though Sephora does not have any retail locations in Nigeria, Nigerians can purchase Sephora Gift Cards there. The issue on your mind right now is either how or where.

Because the company may not be able to ship the physical cards to your address in Nigeria after purchase, purchasing Sephora Gift Cards in Nigeria is easier when you wish to buy the Sephora e-Gift. Nigerians, on the other hand, can buy Sephora Gift Cards online from places like the Sephora Store, Amazon, and Walmart, and the cards will be sent to the email address associated with the card.

Sell Sephora Gift Cards For Cash or Bitcoin

Selling Sephora Gift Cards for either cash or crypto can pose a good way of making money especially when the rates are high. Everyone may not buy the idea of redeeming the Sephora Gift Card for Sephora beauty products, trading them for cash or other forms of crypto is a good idea. However, one must be conscious enough to carry out this trade on a reputable platform to avoid getting trapped by gift card scams. Trading on our platform assures high rates, security, instant payment. To get started with swapping Sephora Gift Cards for cash or crypto, simply do the following;

  1. Create an account and log in.
  2. Select “Sell Gift Card” and fill in the gift card information by scrolling down the page.

3. Select “Category” and then “Sub Category“: This is where you choose the Sephora gift card you wish to sell and then specify the Sephora gift card’s subclass.
4. Select “AMOUNT” from the drop-down menu: Fill in the total value of the Sephora gift cards you’d like to sell. Based on current rates, this is calculated using an automated rate calculator.

5. CHOOSE YOUR PAYOUT METHOD: Because you’re exchanging Sephora gift cards for cash, simply choose Naira or Cedis. When you enter the amount, the price of the gift card in your chosen currency (Naira or Cedis) will be immediately shown. If you choose Bitcoin or Ethereu however, the dollar equivalent will be presented.

6. SEND DIRECTLY: If you want the money sent directly to your bank account, tick the box that says “Send Directly To My Bank Account.” If you want to receive payments in cryptocurrency, enter your wallet address. Remember to choose your desired bank and bank information.
7. Finally, click “APPLY” to send your payment, which will arrive in a few minutes.