A gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card issued by a retailer, bank, or company to be useful as a cash substitute for transactions within certain stores or online platforms.

In other words, a gift card works and looks like a debit card from your bank, but it is in disguise as cash. You can then utilise the prepaid money, which serves as the gift card’s recipient, to make various allowed online or in-person retail store transactions.

It is critical to understand that you cannot withdraw the money loaded onto the gift card; you can use it to make transactions. In Benin, Nigeria, you sell several gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency on different platforms. Notable among these cards are iTunes gift card, Steam gift card, Amazon gift card, Google Play gift card, Sephora gift card, etc.

With just a few clicks on the internet, you can easily purchase and sell anything you desire. It is now feasible for you to sell any gift card online with only a few clicks. You may quickly sell your gift cards online in Nigeria on various websites and receive payment from the purchasers of these cards.

Every year, gift cards worth over $1 billion are lost and wasted. Millions of people around the world are losing out on a significant amount of money.

What Are The Different Ways Of Redeeming Gift Cards In Nigeria?

1. Physical Store

To be functional, the card issuer must be physically present in Nigeria. For instance, a gift card retailer offers gift cards or certificates through its physical storefronts in Nigeria (both the same). It suggests that if you have their gift card, you can go to the store, make the purchases the card is good for, and then use cash to pay.

For instance, Spar provides gift cards or gift certificates in its physical locations in Nigeria (they are identical). If you have a Spar gift card, you can use it to visit their locations, make the purchases your card allows, and then pay with cash.

2. Online Redeeming

You can quickly redeem your gift cards online. To save, sign in to the website or app you want to use. Visit the gift card redemption option. Enter the desired purchase amount next to the gift card pin in the space provided. To conclude, you click “Redeem.” You can use this method for websites or applications. A few examples are Google Play Store, iTunes, and other shops with gift card-compatible apps.

3. Selling For Cash

You can exchange that gift card for naira in Benin. List it for sale on a company that buys and sells gift cards for reasonable prices. Prestmit is the most reputable website in Nigeria and Ghana for selling gift cards. They give the most excellent rates for gift cards and pay with the quickest turnaround times, two characteristics that keep them afloat in Nigeria’s gift card trading market.

Best Place To Sell Gift Card In Benin, Nigeria


One of the best platforms to sell gift cards online in Nigeria for quick cash is Prestmit. The user-friendly design and attractive gift card rates are what we enjoy best about this gift card.

The fact that Nigerians created Prestmit for Nigerians is its best feature. Using a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, it offers an intuitive design that makes buying and selling gift cards simple.

Then there are attractive low gift card prices. On Prestmit, there are over 20 different types of gift cards you can sell for cash or Bitcoin, and you can buy and sell them at the lowest prices in Nigeria. Additionally, Prestmit offers a ready-to-assist customer support team on call.

How To Sell Gift Cards On Prestmit

1. Create a Prestmit account and log in to get started.

2. Select “Start Trade”.

3. Click on “Sell Gift Card” and navigate down the page to fill necessary details.

4. Click on “Category”. On this page, you select the type of gift card you want to sell.

5. Select the “Amount” of the gift card you want to sell. An automated gift card rate calculator concerning current rates can calculate the card amount in naira.

6. Click on “Payout Method”. You can receive payment in naira or cryptocurrency (BTC or USDT).

7. Upload the gift card image if you sell the physical card. But you will enter the code in the comment section if you sell an Ecode card.

8. Click on “Apply, and you will receive payment immediately.


Gift cards are undoubted of great worth in exchange for cash in Benin, Nigeria, but as the buzz about their resale increases, it is essential to trade with trusted gift card trading platforms like Prestmit.

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