Are you pondering about where to sell Xbox gift cards in Nigeria? Or are you confused about the best app to convert Xbox gift cards to Naira among the list of sites to redeem Xbox gift cards in Nigeria? Well, it’s heartening to tell you that you wouldn’t have to worry anymore for the answer is here.

The Xbox gift card is a prepaid voucher to add to your Xbox/Microsoft balance. You can then make purchases with the amount in your account from Xbox live or Microsoft store. Averagely, the satisfactory way to use Xbox Gift Cards is by purchasing some hot X box games. There are numerous fantastic games on the online Microsoft Store. Xbox Gift cards offer you the chance to purchase movies, accessories, video games, and so on. Do you know, Xbox gift cards can also be used as credit towards huger purchases, offering you a favourable discount on what you want to buy.

What is an Xbox Gift Card Used For?

Xbox gift cards are online cards that can only be used on the Xbox live network. Xbox gift cards come with codes that must be activated. They can only be used to purchase movies, apps, devices, television shows, new and interesting Xbox full game downloads, and many more. The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to be bothered regarding fees or expiry dates.

Suffice it to say, Xbox gift cards are awesome for purchases at Xbox, windows, and Microsoft stores online.
However, you can’t make use of your gift cards at physical Microsoft Stores, you are only allowed to do so on Xbox, the Microsoft Store online, and Windows. You are allowed to redeem your Xbox gift card for most purchases that are related to entertainment. Xbox Gift Cards allow users to choose the gift they want.

Xbox gift cards can also get you in-game possessions such as on FIFA or Fortnite. Honestly, you can add to your Xbox balance to in-game purchases like Fortnite V-Bucks and FIFA Points.

Sell Xbox Gift Card in Nigeria

Xbox gift card does not exactly offer versatility, especially in countries like Nigeria and Ghana, where gift cards are yet to be an accepted payment means. This is why there are platforms that allow you sell xbox gift card as well as other gift cards to cash.  Prestmit is one of the most popular and reliable platforms in Nigeria and Ghana, where you can sell, swap, trade gift cards and get paid in naira or cedis. You can trade gift cards at near face value, and quickly too.

How to Get Started with Trading on Prestmit?

The first step is to download the mobile app and register an account. If you already own one, just log in. Thereafter, go ahead to the trade page and select ‘Start Trade’ button, then on the next page; ‘Sell Gift Cards‘ and fill in the necessary details upon scrolling down. Choose Xbox gift card and enter the amount of the gift card to be sold.

While Typing in the total sum, the amount you are to get in exchange will be displayed.
Deliver the screenshot of the trade, then give it a few minutes, and you will get credited to your wallet balance at the corresponding rate. The page shows rates.