Over the years, the financial world has experienced a significant evolution, which is a paradigm shift to digitization. This has enabled seamless payments and money transfers locally and cross-border with Cash App at the fore of the operations. But as robust as it is, many questions are being asked on how to convert gift card balances to Cash App funds.

This digital age has brought about many innovations and disruptions. These changes have transformed the way we trade or exchange. This is now common knowledge.

The popularity of digital payment platforms, digital trading platforms, and digital assets is increasing. These digital services have gained the trust and interest of many internet users.

Talk about digital assets. These assets have piqued people’s interest because of their real-time value. Popular of these digital assets are cryptocurrencies and gift cards.

Convert gift card balance to Cash App funds

But in this article, we will take you through on to convert your gift card balance to Cash App funds to start making money on the go.

Understanding Gift Cards

Gift cards are prepaid cards of stored value that can be used to make purchases at stores. The true essence of these digital assets is to serve as a payment method at their designated store. This means that a gift card does not serve as a multi-purpose payment card at all stores. You can use (redeem) your gift card at the official store that issues it.

For instance, Amazon is a company brand that issues Amazon gift cards. These cards can only be redeemed at Amazon stores. This applies to other card issuer brands like Steam, Apple, Google Play, Sephora, and whatnot.

Moreover, every card is characterized by a form and amount. This is peculiar to all gift cards that we have in the market. Gift cards come in two forms: physical and digital. Each card is assigned a unique denomination, setting it apart from other cards of the same brand.

For instance, Google Play gift cards are available as physical or digital cards. The physical cards come in denominations of $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100, and $200.

Meanwhile, your gift card balance underscores the use of the card as a payment method for your preferred product at its designated store. A gift card balance is the amount of funds that you have in your account when you redeem a card with a particular amount. This can be likened to the amount of airtime you have in your mobile phone when you buy airtime.

Therefore, the amount of your card balance is a function of the denomination of the gift card you redeem. If you redeem a $100 Steam gift card, you will have a $100 balance in your Steam account – which you can use to buy different gaming or software products on the Steam store. This is how the use gift card balance pans out for every card, regardless of type and form.

But as the interest in gift cards tickles the mind of people – in terms of buying and selling gift cards to make money, people are exploring viable ways and means to convert their gift balance to cool cash properly. Hence the need to use Cash App. This is owed to the fact that many people believe that it is an excellent payment gateway to earning cash from gift cards.

Overview Of Cash App

Cash App is a peer-to-peer (P2P) digital payment platform that allows you to send and receive money, Bitcoin, and stocks on your mobile device via its app. Launched in 2013, Cash App has become one of the mostly-used payment options for customers across the world. Although it is a digital payment portal and not a bank, it provides banking services and debit cards via its bank partners.

Broadly, the features of Cash App are:

  • Send and receive money
  • Transfer money
  • Add money
  • Save money
  • Round up for savings

Step-by-Step Guide On Converting Gift Card Balance to Cash App Funds

Download Cash App on your Google Play Store or Apple Store. Proceed to install the app on your mobile device.

  • Create a Cash App account or log into your existing account
  • Click on the “Balance” tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the “Add Cash” option and enter the preferred amount you want to add to your account
  • Click on the “Add” icon and choose the gift card type that you have
  • Enter the gift card details, including the card number, CVV code, and PIN
  • Verify the gift card balance and confirm the transaction

Tips For A Seamless Transaction In Adding Gift Card Balance On Cash App

Convert gift card balance to Cash App funds

1. Enter The Correct Gift Card Details

It is important that you painstakingly enter the details of your card to avoid possible errors in your transaction.

This may mostly have to do with your card number and PIN. You must endeavor to enter the correct card number or PIN – avoid entering an alphabet instead of digits. This is common with cases of typing “O” for “0” and trying “I” instead of “1”. So try to avoid these simple but serious mistakes.

2. Keep Your Account Safe

Keep your Cash App account safe and secure like your local bank. Protect your mobile device to prevent unauthorized access and potential loss of funds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I add any type of gift card balance to Cash App? Cards that Cash App accepts

Cash App accepts specific gift cards like Visa, Vanilla, Walmart, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. You can easily add the balances of these cards to your Cash App account.

Are there any fees associated with adding a gift card balance on Cash App?

No. No fee is attached to adding a gift card balance on Cash App. The process is simple, free, and easy.

How long does the gift card balance take to reflect in my Cash App account?

The transaction is almost immediately. Once you verify and complete your transaction, the amount will be instantly added to your Cash App.

What should I do if the gift card balance is not accepted on Cash App?

In this case, you can sell your card for cash and add the cash to your Cash App balance. Prestmit is a top gift card trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana, offering a leading solution for selling your gift cards.


Adding your gift card balance to Cash App is effortless, making it easy to convert. While it may not support every gift card, you can still find a way to add funds to your Cash App account.

Ensure a smooth and secure transaction by being cautious with your account and Cash App’s gift card balance addition process. Stay proactive and safeguard your transactions.