For a coin that started out as a joke, its massive growth to capping a market worth of over $6 billion dollars is extremely terrific! These past few years have seen a handful of crypto traders and investors interested in earning Dogecoin. And as acquiring Dogecoin is much easier than acquiring Bitcoin, new crypto enthusiasts are trooping to this coin. However, like every other cryptocurrency, there is a time to buy and a time to sell. Also, with a lot of expert Dogecoin price predictions in the rear-view mirror, we do not exactly know what the future holds. Other times, majority are just not so sure what to do with Dogecoin. So, the question is, how to sell Dogecoin? This article will explore the best ways to sell Dogecoin, especially for investors in Nigeria and Ghana whom the sides of digital trading are against. Do you want to know the best and fastest ways to sell dogecoin for naira and cedis? Come along, this piece is for you.

How to Sell Dogecoin for Naira

The only way to sell Dogecoin for naira and cedi is to make use of an Exchange platform that pays in these currencies. Interestingly, a number of exchanges and brokers let people sell Dogecoin in Nigeria and Ghana, and they receive the payment directly to their bank account.

While we cannot list all the Exchange platforms in Ghana and Nigeria, we know for sure that you can sell on Prestmit. Of course, not only can you sell Dogecoin, but also buy. And with its wallet, you will have access to your private keys. Other digital assets are not exempted. Cryptocurrencies and different types of gift cards can be sold and bought on this platform.

If you are to sell Dogecoin in Nigeria/Ghana on this platform, you are to first create an account with them. Signing up either on the website or mobile app, automatically qualifies you for an operational dogecoin wallet that is unique to just you.


Factors to Consider When Selling on an Exchange