• Sephora Gift Card

It’s that time of the year again! The bright lights on Ajose Adeogun roundabout, the nonstop turn turn-ups. It’s time to detty “dis” December. You just landed in Lasgidi and you, for some reason, came back with your Sephora gift card. Now you are stuck thinking about how to use the gift voucher in Naija. Lucky you, we have the solution to your current headache. This article has everything you need to know about using your Sephora gift card in Nigeria.

Before you can use the gift card, you need to be sure it still has a cash balance in it.

How To Check Your Sephora Gift Card Balance In Nigeria

There are three major ways to check your Sephora Gift Card balance. Online, in Sephora stores or you call customer service for directions. Sephora stores do not exist in Nigeria so checking your balance online is your best option.

How To Check Your Sephora Gift Card Balance Online

Go to the company’s official website, sephora.com Click on “CHECK GIFT CARD BALANCE”. fill in your 16-digit gift card number and code. Click “CHECK” and you will see your card balance.

Due to the fact that Sephora stores do not exist in Nigeria, you can’t use your card to redeem items. The best way to optimize it in Nigeria is by redeeming it for cash or Cryptocurrency. Yeah, you can also trade it for Crypto, we will get to that but first of all, let’s discover how to check your Sephora gift card in Nigeria.

How To Check The Rates For Your Sephora Gift Voucher.

To know what the rate of your Sephora gift card is,  you can use Prestmit’s Rates Calculator at any time. The good thing about the Prestmit Rate Calculator is that anybody at all can use it. It was built with every user in mind. That’s where you can get the highest rates for your Sephora gift card.

I think you are ready to make your Sephora gift card useful to you in “Naija”.

How To Redeem Your Sephora Card This Holiday

If you have a Sephora gift card in Nigeria, you can only trade them for Cash or Cryptocurrency. To do so follow the steps below:

  1. First, create an account then Log in then click the “BEGIN TRADE” or “START TRADE” option.
  2. Look for “SELL GIFT CARDS” on the new page.
  3. Fill in the required details.
  4. If it’s cash you want, select Naira or Cedis as your payment method.
  5. If it’s Cryptocurrency you want, you have to select the digital currency you want as your payment method. E.g Bitcoin, Dogecoins, etc.

And that’s it about using a Sephora gift card in Nigeria. Now you can use it to add more cash to your wallet to make your December dirtier.