Have you tried buying a data bundle with the old USSD code for your mobile network? You were most likely directed to use another code. That’s because there are now new USSD Codes for mobile operators in Nigeria.

USSDs are shortcodes or quick codes that facilitate interaction between a user and a service provider. They are communication protocols that mobile operators use to provide quick services to their customers.

Besides mobile operators, financial institutions like banks use USSD codes for mobile banking transactions.

Although you can request certain services on your network provider’s website or via a dedicated app, USSD codes are necessary because they’re quick. They are also available to anyone with a mobile phone, whether internet-enabled or not.

This is why it is quite essential that you know the updated USSD codes for your network or bank. This article will provide an updated list of the new USSD codes for mobile operators in Nigeria.

Understanding The Functions of USSD Codes

USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data – are quick codes that signify specific service requests. They are protocols used by cellular network providers to receive instructions from users and provide different services for them.

The beautiful part of this protocol is that a user sends commands from their mobile phone to a network’s server, which has been programmed to give automated responses based on the given commands.

What Are The Functions And Services USSD Codes Provide?

Everyone knows that USSD codes are helpful for recharging airtime or buying data bundles. But they can do so much more. Take a look at the functions of USSD codes.

  1. Airtime/Data bundle recharge.
  2. Balance enquiry
  3. Transfer of funds via mobile banking
  4. Utility bill payment.

So why should you keep track of updated USSD codes for mobile operators? It’s simple. You’ll know the proper codes to get whatever service you need.


Mobile Operators In Nigeria and Their New USSD Codes

The NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) requested that all USSD codes be reviewed and changed to reduce the number of shortcodes Nigerians have to memorise.

Now, we’ll dive right into the updated USSD codes for the four major mobile networks in Nigeria: MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9Mobile, and the general codes for commercial banks.

MTN Nigeria


If you use MTN, you may have noticed that *556# and all its variations are not functional anymore. The same goes for the data code, which was previously *131#. The new codes are as follows.

  • For airtime recharge, the new code is *311* Voucher PIN #
  • To check MTN airtime balance, the new code is *310#
  • To borrow airtime, dial *303#
  • To buy data, dial *312#
  • To share data, dial *321#
  • To check your data balance, dial *323#
  • For MTN Value-added Services, dial *305#
  • To link your NIN to your MTN line, dial *996#

To use these codes for any of these services, simply open the phone dial on your mobile phone and dial the code. Follow the prompt for the specific service you want.

To check your MTN phone number,

  • Dial *123#. Choose Account Info or 1.
  • From the new menu, choose My Number, and your number will be displayed in the pop-up on your screen.
  • You can also just dial *123*1*1# for a straightforward path.

To transfer airtime, you must have a transfer PIN. If you don’t, you can change the default PIN by dialling the code below.

  • Dial *321*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#
  • Note that the default PIN is 0000. You must choose a new PIN which you’ll always use for subsequent transfers.
  • For example, if a user chooses 5678 as their new Pin, they will dial *321*0000*5678*5678#


New USSD Codes For Airtel Nigeria

airtel ussd

Airtel users may take a while to forget the old *124# code to check their airtime balance as the codes have changed. Find the new USSD codes below.

  • For airtime recharge, the new code is *311* Voucher PIN #
  • To check Airtel airtime balance, the new code is *310#
  • To borrow airtime, dial *303#
  • To buy data, dial *312#
  • To share data, dial *321#
  • To check your data balance, dial *323#
  • For Airtel Value-added Services, dial *305#
  • To link your NIN to your Airtel line, dial *996#


New USSD Codes For GLO Mobile

glo new ussd codes

Following the NCC directive to harmonise all shirt codes, GLO uses the following USSD codes.

  • For GLO airtime recharge, the new code is *311* Voucher PIN #
  • To check GLO airtime balance, the new code is *310#
  • To borrow airtime, dial *303#
  • To buy data, dial *312#
  • To share data, dial *321#
  • To check your data balance, dial *323#
  • For GLO Value-added Services, dial *305#
  • To link your NIN to your GLO line, dial *996#

Note📌: If you try any of these codes and they do not work, you may have to try the old ones, as some network providers have yet to fully adopt the new USSD codes.


New USSD Codes for 9Mobile

9mobile new ussd codes

Like the other mobile operators, the USSD codes are the same and repeated below.

  • For airtime recharge, the new code is *311* Voucher PIN #
  • To check 9Mobile airtime balance, the new code is *310#
  • To borrow airtime, dial *303#
  • To buy data, dial *312#
  • To share data, dial *321#
  • To check your data balance, dial *323#
  • For 9Mobile Value-added Services, dial *305#
  • To link your NIN to your 9Mobile line, dial *996#


Additional Codes and Services

Apart from functions that pertain to airtime and data usage, you can access a few other services via shortcodes, such as banking and paying utility bills. It, therefore, behoves you to learn about any changes to these codes. Take a look below.

Bank USSD Codes

Bank shortcodes are essential because they enable mobile banking without an internet connection. All commercial banks that provide mobile banking services have different USSD codes. You can use the code for your bank to transfer money, pay bills, recharge airtime, or buy data. The banks and their corresponding codes are listed below.

  1. Access bank – *901#
  2. Eco bank – *326#
  3. FCMB – *329#
  4. Fidelity Bank – *770#
  5. First bank – *894#
  6. GT bank – *737#
  7. Heritage Bank – *745#
  8. Keystone Bank – *7111#
  9. Kuda Bank – *894#
  10. Opay – *955#
  11. Polaris – *833#
  12. Stanbic IBTC Bank – *909#
  13. Sterling Bank – *822#
  14. UBA – *919#
  15. Unity bank – *779#
  16. Wema bank – *945#
  17. Zenith Bank – *966#

To use these codes for services such as fund transfers, bill payments, etc., dial the shortcodes and follow the prompts.

Service Provider Codes

Although you can pay your electricity bills through your bank using its peculiar bank USSD code, you can also offset them using the service provider’s USSD code. For example, you can buy electricity through different platforms with shortcodes.

To pay electricity bills, dial *402*0000*9548*amount#


Troubleshooting Tips For Using USSD Codes

It’s pretty easy to use USSD codes on your mobile device. It doesn’t require an internet connection. These are the steps to take.

  • Go to the phone dial on your mobile phone.
  • Dial the USSD code with * at the beginning and a hash (#) at the end.
  • Follow the prompt to take any action you want, provided the service provider supports it at a given moment.

Troubleshooting Issues You May Encounter

Some of the issues you may have when trying to use a USSD code are

  1. Bad network signal.

If the signal is poor at your location, you may have some issues accessing certain services through the shortcodes.

To handle this challenge, move around to get a better signal or wait till it’s better all around to avoid incomplete transactions, especially when it involves finances.

  1. Service timeouts.

Sometimes, the network servers may get overwhelmed and time out. A timeout is a period in which the USSD codes do not give users access to their desired function.

You can fix this issue by waiting it out and trying again later.

  1. Incorrect USSD code.

If you enter the wrong or incomplete shortcode for a function, you will be instructed to carry out the command again. You might also receive an error message or a list of functions you do not need or want.

To fix this issue, carefully re-dial the code.

Contact customer support for the service if you have taken all these steps and cannot still access the usual functions assigned to a specific code.

For example, contact the bank’s support team if it is a bank. If it is a mobile network operator, call their call centre. The new USSD code for mobile operators’ call centres is 300. No * or hash (#) is required.

FAQs About USSD Codes In Nigeria.

Q: How can I transfer money with USSD?

A: It’s pretty easy. Dial the shortcode that corresponds with your bank. For example, GTB’s shortcode is *737#. Follow the prompts, and you’ll be able to transfer funds and carry out other mobile banking functions.

Q: Can I pay my electricity bill with USSD?

A: Yes, you can. Whether you choose to use your bank shortcode or a dedicated code for a utility service provider, all you need do is dial the code and follow the prompts.

Q: What are the new USSD codes for MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile airtime recharge?

A: Following the NCC directives, all mobile operators now use the same shortcode for airtime recharge. So, to recharge airtime on any network, dial *311* Voucher PIN #.


What would we do without USSD codes? Probably everything. But they make it easy for anyone with a cellphone to access certain services within minutes and without an internet connection. The major mobile operators in Nigeria all had different shortcodes for basic functions like airtime/data recharge, balance check, etc. But the NCC decided to make it easy for Nigerians to access any service without struggling to memorise the various codes across different mobile networks.

Now, all networks use the same codes for the various functions. You can use more than one mobile network without having to google the codes for each time you need to carry out a transaction. It’s imperative that you keep tabs on any updates. This ensures that you do not get frustrated or stuck during an emergency.

We advise that you bookmark the codes or store them on the contact list of your mobile phones for easy access.